Favorite Storage Bins to Keep You Organized

Do you have areas in your home that aren’t that very organized, but you don’t know where to begin?

I’d love to share my favorite storage bins to keep you organized…

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I became much more organized when I discovered these bins …

My Favorite White Storage Bins

First, I began by using them in my kitchen cabinet.  In this spot, we keep the medicines, first aid supplies and vitamins.  After renovating our kitchen last year, I needed to keep everything neat and organized.  I also wanted something white to blend with the cabinets but would be easy to clean if I spilled something.  These bins worked out perfectly.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing - Vitamin and First Aid Storage

I know, it’s not very “blogger” of me to just write the labels on with a Sharpie, but I started with cute little stick-on tags that ended up falling off.  This works for now until I get motivated to come up with something else!

White Storage Bins in Pantry

In addition to the kitchen cabinet, I also use a bunch of the small and medium storage bins in my pantry.  Once again, I like how the white blends with the shelves.  The bins do come in a variety of colors though.

Also, you might notice how I keep my canned goods on risers.  They’re actually expandable organizers which are great for canned goods or even spices.  When your shelves are deep, (like mine), they make it easier to reach items in the back.

Although, I always admire all those beautiful pantries with real seagrass or wicker baskets, they just aren’t practical for our family.  With the plastic, I don’t have to worry about the inevitable spills that will happen with two boys.

Pantry Snack Organization - My Favorite White Storage Bins

I love how these bins have a basket weave look but aren’t as plain as your typical white plastic bin.

Laundry Cabinet Organization - My Favorite Storage Bins

And here are a few more of the small white storage bins keeping my laundry room cabinet neatly arranged.  As you might have noticed, my husband and I differ in our selections of detergents.  I go the more natural route and he sticks with the “classics”.

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Do you have favorite storage bins that you keep buying over and over?

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Favorite storage bins to keep you organized


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  1. I think your organized shelves look great. I use the same bins in my bathrooms and I love them too. I completely agree about making things function better than just having them look pretty. Just last week, I organized our linen closet yet again and I removed the stylish baskets I had used because they looked good and used boring generic plastic bins because I know they work better for us.

  2. These bins are perfect, and I love the clean, white look. I have a very unorganized pantry, and these would help get me started. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Love these, Shelley!! Everything looks so neat and clean. You inspire me to run to Target. Have a great week.

  4. I've seen these bins at Target and have been wanting to get some! I wonder if they would fit in my Ikea Billy Bookcase that I use as a pantry? I love how organized your pantry looks with these bins!

  5. I love these bins! They really are perfect for everywhere! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday tonight!

  6. Wow, love the storage bins. I certainly need some organization in my panty and these could work great for the area. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I can see why they are your favorite storage bins….they are actually really nice looking. I wish I was as organized as you though! LOL~Des

  8. I laughed as I read your question. Today on Instagram, one of the challenges was "show us how you used baskets in your decorating". I counted 57 metal baskets and didn't even include my wicker ones in the count. So, I guess what I keep buying over and over again is baskets!Thanks for sharing with SYC

  9. Your storage looks great. So organized. Those bins are just right. Pinned and Tweeted. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  10. Shelley I like how you are keeping it real here. Those perfect baskets we usually see are not always practical, and who has time for labels? I've got a post to finish! This is real life and that's what we should show and what our viewers want! Thanks for showing us your lovely baskets ove at Sweet Inspiration.

  11. I like your white bins to organize your bits and pieces. I tend to pick up matching tubs/bins for my basement storage. I keep trying to organize my many stashes of silk flowers, craft bits, holiday bits, fabrics, etc. And I think your marker label is just fine. I do the same. ha. Sheila

  12. I actually use a couple in my fridge to hold fruit and cheese. I love organizing stuff, it is so satisfying! Your pantry looks great and I am going to copy it for myself.

  13. Don't you just love it when you find a storage unit that fits perfectly inside your cupboards. It's like, yes my obsessive compulsive nature has been satisfied! Haha!

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