Room With a View – Billiard Room Tour

Here is a room that I have only shared in bits and pieces…

Our Billiard Room – AKA Game Room:

I took this picture from the “spot” I sit and sip my tea most mornings after the kids have left for school.

Recently,  my dear blogger friend, Amanda from Dixie Delights invited readers to submit their “spot” to her and yesterday she shared them on her blog.  So many beautiful sure to check them out!

I sent her a similar picture to the one below and decided that it was time I shared the rest of the room with you…even though it’s not finished.  Then again, is a room ever really finished?

Here is the actual “spot” where I sit and enjoy the view (and my tea) each morning.

You might recognize the “behind the love seat area” because I change the vignette there often.

A spring vignette from last year – HERE.

Here is my view to the left from my spot.

The view straight ahead.

(That’s the tree I used to have in my living room pre-piano).

And here is the best view in the room.

The snow and clouds don’t do it justice.

 Here is the entrance from the living room.

(Ignore the ugly ceiling fan…)

When we were building our house, this bonus room aka “the conservatory” as they called it, was one of the options “we just couldn’t live without“.  Unfortunately, for years it sat mostly empty except for the pool table and a few scattered pieces of furniture.  At one point, I had my seagrass chairs in here.

Over the years, I have added furniture to make the space feel more like a game room.
Here is the other end of the room with the pub table.

I have posted about the Sonoma Bookcase from Ballard  – HERE.

 The pub table is from Pier One and the chairs are from Bed Bath and Beyond (by Savavieh).

Here is the view from that end of the room.

Ignore the “Roomba” vacuum on the side.  The clock needs a new battery too, but how would you even know that from this picture?  Like I said, the room is not “done”…

It might not be done but it’s definitely being used more these days.  New life has been brought into the room ever since my boys have developed an interest in pool.  For years, the room was ignored except when we had company.  Now it’s become the “fun room” of the house!   (Yeah, that’s Rosie’s bed in the lower right hand corner…everyone uses this room nowadays!)

I think I might have the felt color on the table changed to something more neutral.  In pictures that burgundy is way too bright!  The color of the walls is Benjamin Moore Providence Olive which goes well with the dark furniture and the neutral carpet (that I wish was hardwood!)   I think I am done with the fake palm…

And here we are, back to the seating area.

The chairs are from Target and the coffee table from Ballard.

And here we are sitting back in my spot.  As much as I love the look of the pretty snow out there, I am looking forward to a view of green grass and leaves!

Do you have a room with a view?


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  1. I really love your spot and your view! Your style of decor llooks a lot like my taste and I am really looking forward to looking around your blog! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. What a great room, Shelley! I would love to have your "spot" with it's gorgeous view; a wonderful spot to sip morning coffee and plan your day. I grew up with a pool table in our basement, and it was the cool place to hang out for parties when I was a teenager. I bet your boys really love it here. I don't know why ceiling fans got such a bad rep. (We can't live without them here in the hot summer.) I think yours is pretty. 🙂

  3. I love your "spot/game room"! Looks like a great place to entertain and have fun. Love the windows and the view through them, whether it's snow or the green grass, it is beautiful!

  4. That's gorgeous, Shelley! I remember the when you finished the other of end of the room. 🙂 Love those chairs from Target, I would've never guessed!

  5. I wish I could sit in that spot with you and have a cup of coffee. It's looks so warm and inviting and what a view! I know we'd have a nice time just chatting away. And those Target chairs are amazing. I didn't even know Target had those 🙂

  6. That's a lovely spot, Shelley! The snow scene out the window is beautiful, but I am truly glad it's your scene and not mine…! I'm not a pool table person, but this is a much better set-up than many I've seen. It shatters my sense of "hominess" when I see a pool table plopped down in the middle of what should be a dining room with nothing added (no other furniture or decor) to make it appear to be part of the home — they look more like alien ships dropped down in the middle of the night. I think you've done a great job of making your room seem friendly and inviting.

  7. That room is just gorgeous Shelley, with all those beautiful windows. I would sit in there every morning too! I love the seating area and those zebra print slipper chairs, they are adorable, I could use one of them in my living room! I think as your boys continue to grow you will use the room more and more. Such a great entertaining space!

  8. Shelley I cannot think of anything better than a room with a view!! Lovely!!xoxoKarenaThe Arts by Karena New Feature

  9. Wow Shelley the windows in this room are gorgeous! I can see that it could easily be a conservatory. I think it is all coming together nicely! Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

  10. This room is amazing! Just love the windows and that view. My boys would LOVE to have all that space to hand out in, as would I! Have a great weekend!

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