Shopping in Lambertville

Yesterday, I spent the day browsing through the shops in the quaint river town of Lambertville, New Jersey.

What better way to spend a day when the temperature is 96 degrees?

Yeah, I guess that was poor planning on my part but the good thing was, there were no crowds and plenty of parking!

There are tons of antique stores in Lambertville.

And plenty of beautiful historic homes.

Great restaurants and bars.

So many unique places.

I love this restaurant.

There are some great stores along the river.

This antique store opens up to a wonderful backyard patio.

Inside they have beautiful lighting.

Check out these fountains out back.

The back patio faces the river…how pretty!

This is looking back from the river.

It would be fun to live here!

Then I walked down to my favorite store.

They have a website:  http://www.blueraccoon.com/ if you want to check it out.

The store is located right on the canal.

Love the old brick on this side of the building.

Here we are inside.

Cute pillows.

Love this vignette.

A martini please!

How adorable is that?

I will show you what I bought in a minute…

After we walk thru another gallery…

At least it was nice and cool in here…

96 degrees…what was I thinking?

Out back is the cutest little bar, The Boat House!

They make the best margaritas!

And my absolute favorite restaurant, Hamilton’s Grill Room!

Too bad they are only open at night.

This is another area of the restaurant which is so charming back the way it’s tucked away behind the stores.

Every time we visit, I feel like I’m hanging out in someone’s backyard!

So then I headed back home to the country.

(Not quite what you expected from New Jersey, huh?)

And unpacked my bag.

My only purchase of the day (besides ice cream), 3 seagrass baskets.

Not sure what I am going to do with them, maybe hang them on the wall or something.

They just seemed kind of beachy to me.

Overall, it was a fun day exploring around.

But I think the next 96 degree day will be spent at the pool!

What is the temperature like in your area?

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  1. Hi Shelley….I'm stalking you! Although my earlier post didn't seem to make it. Happens on the iPad a lot….so frustrating. Anyway, thanks for your comment. So glad to know your blog! Wanted to ask if you are near Sparta? My sister moved there a year ago and it reminds me of this. My husband grew up in Chatham and we lived in Millburn for years (near Short Hills mall). Love your blog and am a new follower 🙂

  2. Shelley, I love places like that to shop especially by water. How quaint. Thanks for the link to that shop. I will check it out.

  3. Lambertville looks lovely and like a place I would love to spend some time shopping in, but honey, not when it's 96 degrees! You'd find me in the place that serves good margaritas, hopefully it's not the closed during the day.I do, however, love your seagrass baskets!

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