Not Just Dreaming…

I am happy to report, that this year instead of just dreaming of the islands…we are actually going to the islands!!!

You might remember my failed attempt last year at convincing my husband to take a Caribbean vacation…see Operation Caribbean Vacation.  But last year it was difficult to get away.  We brought home our darling puppy in February and there was no way I could leave a non-trained puppy with someone for a week.  I tried my hardest to plan a trip before February but “we”, and by “we” I mean my husband…decided against it.  Well, not this year baby!  We are going!

Before we had children, my husband and I would choose an island based on best beaches, best restaurants, spa treatments…basically the “pamper factor”…

Here is the entrance to the Regent Palms Turks and Caicos.  After paging through my previous posts, I realized I never did a full report on this lovely resort!  I mentioned it a few times like in the post, Caribbean Inspired Lighting, but I never gave you a full trip report.  I will have to work on that.  I would love to share this wonderful vacation spot with you in detail.  This resort had all the pamper factors I was looking for.  But this was definitely better for a couples trip.

You might remember how much I loved Jumby Bay, Antigua…a little bit too secluded and relaxing to bring the kids…but oh did I love it there!  You can read about that trip HERE.

The beaches were so peaceful and calm.

Seriously, how many times have I posted this picture of myself standing on the stairs of the Great House at Jumby Bay….looking like I own the place!

I do look like I could live there, don’t I?

We actually considered a trip back to one of my favorites – The Frangipani Resort in Anguilla.  The hotel has added a pool since we were there last and they do have full suites with kitchen and living areas so it would work for kids…and that BEACH – ahhh one of the best!

We decided against it, basically because only the most expensive penthouse was the only suite available for the week we wanted.  We still plan on going back here again because we had such fond memories of the place.  You can read HERE about that fabulous vacation.

There are also so many islands we haven’t visited with and without the kids so we had a difficult decision picking one for this year.  Then one evening we pulled out all the photo books and dvd’s of the three times we took the kids to Grand Cayman and we knew we would just have to go back!

It’s been three years since our last trip there and we chose the island again for all the reasons we have in the past, (see Grand Cayman with Kids).  We have such wonderful memories of vacationing there when the boys were little.  I just feel like Grand Cayman has become the family vacation spot for us.  I want them to recognize things – from memory and the videos and pictures, and I want them to get excited about the place all over again!

So the trip is booked for the spring and I am sure you will get sick of seeing all the pictures I post when we return!  I am counting down the days now!

Do you have any spring vacations planned?

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  1. How exciting! We are thinking or heading out to the Pacific northwest in the spring. I haven't been to the west coast since I was three years old!

  2. Wow! Those vacation spots looks heavenly, especially this time of the year! You do look like you could be the proud owner of that gorgeous villa, it suites you very nicely! I am hoping to plan a trip for spring break too, but my husband is so busy at work, not sure if we can swing it.

  3. Just one thing . . . TAKE ME WITH YOU. It's impossible to get sick of these beautiful pictures. Keep 'em coming. Thanks for sharing and let the countdown begin!!!

  4. Wow! You've been on some awesome vacations Shelley! As I look out my window at the same shade of gray I've seen every day for a week that all looks like heaven to me. 🙂 Vanessa

  5. on my bucket list..Turks and Caicos. My friend said she loved it there.I am starting to plan a trip to Italy. Fingers crossed it happens.

  6. How wonderful! I've never been to the Grand Cayman, but it is on my list of "must see" places.

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