Weekend Pupdate #44

Rosie watched us decorate the Christmas tree

this morning.

 She was very excited when we brought the tree in.

 We weren’t sure if she was going to tear into it or just watch.

You just know she was thinking about it!

But she behaved herself the whole time.

Just in case, we are blocking off the living room

 when we can’t watch her!

Is your tree up yet?

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  1. Our main tree is not up yet, but we do the same thing — block off the living room to keep Alfie out when we are not in there. We have a smaller, artificial tree in the dining room that we put a fence around to keep Alf's tail from knocking things off.

  2. I can't believe how big and beautiful Rosie is now! She's beautiful!.. As for Rosie and that tree? Yeah, I think it's a good idea that you do block it off while you're not there.. As a mom to 7 dogs they love just getting away with things when you're not home.. LOLRobyn

  3. Rosie is the cutest thing. You are probably right not to trust her. She looks like she rally wants to play with that tree.

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