How Gardening is Like Getting a Haircut

I swear this happens to me all the time.  My hair gets to the point where it’s a bit unruly and overgrown so I call and make a hair appointment.  Like magic, the day before my haircut is scheduled, my hair starts to look fabulous!  Then I go in, get it cut…and then hate it until it grows in a little…It’s a vicious cycle.

Ironically, the same thing has happened with my landscaping.  If you regularly read my blog, you probably know that I am not exactly known for having a green thumb!  Basically, I kill every house plant I get – even the hard to kill ones.  I over water, under water, forget the things exist for a few months…I am just not a natural when it comes to plants.  If I do manage to keep something alive, you definitely hear about it because I am bragging all over the place!

Pink Petunias

Well, I guess it’s time to brag because somehow I have managed to do a fabulous job with my outdoor potted plants this year…if I do say so myself!

Potted petunias

Look at these babies on the deck…and it’s mid June!  (A record for me!)

Pink Petunias - Container gardening success!

Pink petunias everywhere…

But not only are the deck flowers doing well…

Potted Plants

Even though the plants by the garage need tons of water, I have managed to remember each day and they are flourishing!

And the container plants on the front porch!…

Potted plants in black urn for front porch

Dare I say,  I have developed a green thumb?

Ok, enough with the bragging…I got a little side tracked with all the thriving container plants.  I meant to tell you about my landscaping in the yard…

Landscaping beds

About a month ago, I had a landscaper give us some ideas and write up an estimate to replace a few things.  Last year we lost a few plants in this bed above so I wanted to fill it in with some new plants. At the time the landscaper was here, the plants were just starting to come back up for the season.  As you can see, the plants have filled in much better than we anticipated and now we won’t need as many as we thought.  Figures, as soon as I call someone, the plants decide to do well…

Besides that, some of our other bushes have died in front of the house.  I know we will have to replace them.  We also have a ton of weeds that we just cannot keep up with (basically because I am against those weed killing poisons so I try to pull them myself!)  Lately, the front of my house has become an embarrassment.  Even my once beautiful lavender got all woody and messy looking.  We decided we will have them pull most of it out and start again with some smaller lavender plants.

Well, wouldn’t you know it...the lavender must have heard their days were numbered because suddenly in the last few days, the plants have been blooming like crazy!  Seriously, they haven’t looked this beautiful in years!

Blooming Lavender

The landscaper is calling me back with a start date and just like when I make my haircut appointment, now I am second guessing ripping these out!  Ugh!  At least I know we will be getting rid of the weeds soon.  I just have to make sure they don’t douse my beds with those nasty pesticides.

Shady spot for a golden retriever

Of course, I have to think about my little girl who loves sleeping under the box woods.  At least most of those are doing well.  I don’t know what Rosie would do without her sleeping spot in the shade!

What does your landscaping look like this year?


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  1. Your flowers look great and so does the lavender. I need to plant some of that here. Yes, don't let Miss Rosie sleep in chemicals. Bailey has been sleeping all over the house on the floor this year. Very unusual for her.

  2. Congrats on your new green thumb! We hired a landscaper last year to install a new garden in our back yard, but our front needs major help. So much to always keep up! Your lavender is beautiful! Pam @ Everyday Living

  3. It looks beautiful!! It is a never ending process, but I sure wouldn't take out that lavender when it looks like that! Have a great weekend, Shelley! xoxo

  4. Shelley… your garden looks gorgeous. Love the lavender!! Your photos are stunning. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Your lavender is amazing! I want some!! And I can totally relate to your haircut dilemma. Same thing happens here. Rosie looks so peaceful sleeping in the mulch. Hope your summer is going as well as your garden is growing!

  6. Your plants look amazing and the lavender, oh my. You are so right when you make the appointment the plants shape up or your hair.

  7. Your gardens are so LOVELY!!! I adore lavender and just like yours, mine suddenly just exploded in the last couple of days!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Your garden looks so beautiful….and the lavender looks amazing! Normally I can keep the potted plants looking good but for some reason this year I am loosing them left and right. This year I decided to go with a few Marigolds because I thought they were hard to kill. Turns out…..I can kill them!!!! LOL~Des

  9. You should brag a little – those petunias are gorgeous! I'm never able to grow them that well. Love your lavender and your sweet dog too.

  10. I have the same problem with plants and flowers. I have a small flower bed this year and so far so good. Your flowers look beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday. Pinning.

  11. Hi Shelley! Just came back by to let you know we are featuring you at Thoughts of Home tomorrow. 😉

  12. Good Morning Shelley! What a stunning summer garden you have! How DO you do it during these hot summer temps? Thank you so much for featuring your home and garden today! Popping over from Thoughts of Home! Hugs!

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