Weekend Pupdate #34

All I can say is….

This is not what I signed up for…

This is what happens when you have an invisible fence

and decide to trust your dog outside alone for a few minutes…

Look at the smug expression!

She actually seems annoyed that I am taking her picture.

Yes, this lovely look was achieved

in the few minutes it took me to empty the dishwasher

Thursday morning.


these footprints never made it inside the house.

This was the scene of the crime.

Water was dripping from the base of the basketball net,

making the perfect muddy puddle!

Perfect for a mischievous dog to tear into.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

I attempted to rinse her off with the hose

but it was a little chilly that day.

I wiped her down the best I could

 and then called Petsmart to see if I could get an emergency bath.

Luckily, they had an opening

so I lined my carseat with towels and off we went.

Clean once again.

She was washed, blow dried,

had her ears and teeth cleaned and nails clipped.

She wasn’t loving the Brett Michaels “Pets Rock” bandana though.

Not exactly her style. 

She ripped it right off.

Take that Brett Michaels!

You would think that with both kids in school,

I could get loads of projects completed around here!


that is not the case…

Not with my ongoing “project”…

How about you?

Did you have to deal with any muddy messes this week?

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  1. Oh, but she is so cute! I bet she had the best time in those few minutes in the mud. Bailey keeps making a bee line for the pond while I yell at her and tell her she better not get in it. Her long hair gets so full of junk from the pond and that means a long bath.

  2. Oh how funny (I'm sure not at the time). Rosie just looks like a happy mess. She cleaned up real pretty though!

  3. Awe, I hope she didn't get in trouble! She is so sweet looking. Do Soph and I need to come get her and give you a break? Oh, they would love each other!

  4. hehe oh Rosie, you are too cute! Our dogs are outdoors during the day and when we get home from work during Winter Nala almost always look like that! My husband picks her up and puts her straight in the bath. We're glad it's finally Spring and she isn't finding as many muddy puddles to splash in – they are true water dogs aren't they! xo K

  5. What a funny, funny post! You really need to frame one of your sweet pup's dirty pictures. They are so cute!!!!You and your puppy's antics gave me a chuckle!

  6. Oh Shelley!!! That is too funny!! The expressions on Rosie's face just kill me – she has so much personality!

  7. I had to laugh when I looked at these photos! It's just too funny (although I'm sure in that moment it wasn't funny at all). She is SO very cute! It's a good thing they make these pups cute when they get into that kind of mischief! We used to have a golden and I loved her so – such a sweet breed.

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