Weekend Pupdate #21

My poor little girl started out the week

still wearing her cone.

She looks miserable doesn’t she?

If you recall from last week,

Rosie has been on the mend from her spaying operation.

But we decided to take her to the beach anyway.

It’s not like she could have gone to the kennel

and I didn’t even try to find someone to come dog-sit her for the week!

So, on Sunday

we drove “down the shore” as they say in New Jersey.

But when we arrived at my in-laws,

their dog, Clover was not happy with Rosie’s cone.

In fact, she was terrified of it and started barking and running

and acting all crazy.

We decided to take off the cone during the day

and just watch her to make sure she didn’t lick or bite her stitches.

Rosie seemed relieved to have the cone off

and Clover calmed down.

They were happy to just lay around together after that.

Clover is an English Golden Retriever

 but she looks like a Lab these days

because she was just shaved for the summer.

As expected,

Rosie made herself at home right away.

She really seemed to enjoy life without the cone!

We had to put it back on at night

 because we couldn’t watch her then.

But I think by about the 3rd day

we decided she wasn’t trying to lick

so we didn’t make her sleep with it anymore.

But we had to keep her from exercising too much

 so she couldn’t join us in the parade on the 4th.

She dressed up for the holiday anyway!

She couldn’t run around much

but she did enjoy watching the activity on our street

 each morning from the deck.

And as I mentioned last week,

she had to be CARRIED up and down the stairs

every single time she had to go out.

It was a pain,

but SO worth it

 once I realized what a workout I was getting!…

via wikipedia

Ha! Ha!

But seriously,

I would have rather been extra cautious

than have her injure herself!

By the end of he week I let her walk up and down slowly

while I held her leash.

She enjoyed her week at the shore

and was well behaved the whole time.

She wasn’t even startled by the fireworks crackling outside

or by the strong thunderstorm that rolled through!

(But Clover was freaking out and had to take Valium!)

She even slept in our room at night

because I didn’t bother lugging that crate down there with us!

And last night when we got home,

I didn’t even try putting her in it to sleep.

She stayed downstairs and behaved herself all night.

I think we are officially done with that crate now!

It was a great week at the beach for all of us!

Have you brought any pets on vacation with you?

If you have a dog, how do they handle thunder?

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  1. I'm so glad she's through with the cone! I felt so sorry for her! Glad to hear she's on the mend and that you had a good vacation! We only took our Morkie ( Maltese/yorkie) to New Orleans to see our daughter and our sweet King Charles Spaniel ( Rosie!) had to stay home! Next time it will be the other way around! Older dogs are much easier to travel with than puppies!

  2. Oh, I remember the joy of getting rid of that crate, like the kiddos car seats! She certainly looks happy to be done with the cone and enjoying her view of the neighborhood!

  3. Rosie is a wonderful dog!.. We have 7 dogs .. Four are small Lhasa Apso's, 2 are 188 pd Lab Mixes and one is an English setter.. None of them 'like" thunderstorms but out of all of them, the two 118 pd Lab Mixes freak out the most.. I have to take them into the bedroom, and put music on so they will calm down..LOLLOVED all the photos :)Robyn

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