Weekend Pupdate #28

We just returned from another weekend at the beach

and I realized the only pictures I took of Rosie this week

were last evening.

As you may recall,

last week my father in law was not happy

with how Rosie behaves on a leash.

I will admit…she needs a little work.

But this weekend,

we were lucky enough to have our niece

the family “dog expert” with us.

She whipped Rosie right into shape!

Well, actually she put a choke collar on Rosie

just to try it out.

(After many protests from me because I don’t believe in them.)

Within minutes,

Rosie was walking like a mature, well trained dog!

We even invited her along

on our ice cream excursion

for the evening.

I let my niece take charge

and Rosie obeyed beautifully.

She even behaved herself

as we all enjoyed our ice cream.

(And she was very happy to lick up any stray drips!)

So, I guess I am ok with using a choke collar occasionally.

But I do plan on enrolling her

in another dog obedience class in the fall.

Did you do any walking this weekend?

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  1. I told you!! 🙂 I think my comment last week went something like, "She'll be walking just fine in no time!" She's cute & smart! 🙂

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