Weekend Pupdate #29

Weekend Pupdate has rolled over to Monday this week

since I have had some wireless problems here at the beach.

We will be packing up to head home soon.

Even Rosie looks sad.

She enjoyed her week here

and enjoyed playing with the extended family.

My mother in law worked with her on the leash…thank you!

And Rosie walked everywhere this week.

Well, except the beach and boardwalk!

But we all enjoyed the beautiful blue moon the other night!

Now Rosie will have to switch gears with the rest of us.

Instead of trips to the beach,

she’ll be making trips to the bus stop with me each day.

It’s been a fun summer!

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

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  1. I hate that leaving-the-beach feeling. We were on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this weekend, and I had the exact same feeling. Youngest daughter and I came home yesterday to beat the traffic. Good luck with your floor decision. We have fading issues in our house, too. Still, it beats carpet, especially with dogs around. xo

  2. Such a pretty photo of the beach, Shelley! I bet Rosie would have loved a swim in the ocean with the boys! 🙂

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