Striped Rug

Rather than wait until my office is finished for a full reveal,

(It could take years!)

I thought I would take you along each step.

So… my Dash and Albert Trimaran Striped rug arrived today….

 And my gut feeling on this…

is No…(I think).

While I love the rug and the navy and cream color,

I think the stripes are a bit too stimulating for the room.

Each stripe is about 1 3/4″ wide

so when you look at the rug, it seems to move.

Now, I didn’t notice this movement

when I looked at the swatch in the store.

But in the full size,

I think it is a bit too distracting

Having said that, I have nothing else to look at in the room.

Unless you count my makeshift-prop-of-a-desk…

I guess when I add furniture, it will help to tone down the “movement”,

but I just don’t know.

Even if the room was filled with stuff,

when I look down as I enter the room

I will still see moving stripes….

Ugh!  I hate when I second guess myself!

What do you think?

Am I making too much of this?

Do I need to make a trip to the eye doctor?

Should I just wait for the desk and bookshelves to arrive?

Click HERE to find out how the room turned out!

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  1. You are overthinking it! It's a fantastic, classic rug. Once your furniture and accessories are in, it will just the pop of pattern your office will benefit from. I can not wait to see the finished product!

  2. Oh no. I LOVE it!!! I think it will be perfect but you have to live with it 🙂 Can't wait to hear what you decide!!

  3. I love the navy and white stripes. The rug is so pretty! That said, you have to live with it. The fact that it's bothering you now could mean it will bother you later. No harm in leaving it out for a few days to see how you feel. Sometimes when I change something, I find I don't like it at first. Later, I fall in love with it. Good luck!

  4. I LOVE the stripes! And I am not usually a stripey kind of girl. But blue & white is so classic and fresh, and I do think once other elements are in the room the rug won't take center stage. Maybe live with it a while until you get some other pieces?

  5. I would live with it for awhile and see how you feel. If you still are unsure, then maybe it needs to go (trust your gut). That said, I love the rug 🙂

  6. You ladies are so sweet! Thanks for your input! I love the rug for the most part it's just in person the stripes really seem to move! They sell a similar rug with a little bit wider stripes. I might try that one instead! Thanks again! – Shelley

  7. I think it looks great but when something in a room is wrong to your eye, it will not go away. I would return it because it will bother you every time you are in the room or walk by! Can you use it anywhere else in your house?

  8. It's moving for me on my laptop, too, just like some of Johnny Carson's ties used to do on his late night tv show. (You're probably too young to have watched his show, but trust me, it was distracting.) I love the rug for the rug's sake, but my opinion is to try it with some furniture and if it doesn't work for you, send it packing. I sure like the direction you're going, though!

    1. Laurel, unfortunately I am not to young to remember Johnny Carson! Loved that guy! I am still thinking (obsessing) over the rug!-Shelley

    2. Hi, this may be a little too late (now 2014) but try the other D&A rug..catamaran……thicker navy strips. A very calm look

    3. Hi, this may be a little too late (now 2014) but try the other D&A rug..catamaran……thicker navy strips. A very calm look

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