Weekend Pupdate #11

Hello, all you dog people!

I figured if you have stopped by each week

to catch up on the Rosie update,

you must be a dog person!

This week, Rosie had a great time

 watching the boys hit baseballs in the yard.

She wanted to play too.

She spent most of the time barking at them.

And running all over the deck.

I think she liked baseball

because she stole one of their hats later.

She also helped me clean the house this week.

Well, she actually messed up the house

with her toys and hair.

I did the cleaning.

But she did enjoy following the Roomba around!

I had some returns to pack up.

Rosie tried to help with that too!

Can I come with you to UPS?

But the highlight of the week had to be

her doggie playdate with her Aunt Rosie!

Yes, her aunt is named Rosie too.

Kind of funny isn’t it?

When my kids were naming the puppy

they wanted to call her Rosebud

after the puppy in the Air Bud movies.

I tried to talk them out of it since her aunt is named Rosie

and I knew we would end up calling her Rosie

instead of Rosebud.

But that’s just how it turned out!

So the playdate with Big Rosie and Little Rosie went well.

We did some tail comparing.

And some doggie wrestling.

Look at those faces!

They had a great time together

and Big Rosie was very welcoming to Little Rosie!

So it was a nice week.

I am glad we spent so much time outside

because now it is supposed to rain for the next few days.

How is your weekend weather?

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  1. So cute and what a nice deck you have. I hate ours. She is getting bigger and bigger, but still cute.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is just so adorable! I just love the concentration on her face as she observes the Roomba!

  3. I'm definitely a dog person and Rosie gets cuter every week! Love her play date session with Big Rosie! Soo adorable!

  4. I'm a dog person too and little Rosie is so precious! Look at her sweet little face! Nothing like a happy little pup! ;)Thanks so much for popping in to see me.Be a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  5. Hi Shelley, Rosie is beautiful and I can relate to cleaning the house after a puppy. Our Shelley puppy is creating chaos constantly. He chews and chews on anything. He and the cat are still on unfriendly terms-the cat anyhoo. Happy Puppies and have a terrific week. Thanks o much for visiting us. hugs, olive

  6. Dog people, how'd you guess? 🙂 She's so cute with the Roomba, she's probably thinking, hmmm…maybe it will play with me! She is such a sweetie!

  7. Raining cats and, um… dogs here, too! Rosie certainly does take after her aunt and not just in name. Definitely a family resemblance in their faces. She's adorable now and looks like she'll grown into a beauty.

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