Two Great Products You Need in Your Home

This week, I didn’t accomplish any “fun” projects.  I spent a lot of time cleaning, organizing, getting rid of junk…nothing exciting.

Although, I did use two new products that I would love to share with you!

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking my links (at no additional cost to you).

Starting with one that will be a “game changer” around here…

Fels-Naptha has been around over 100 years and it really works.

The reason I started using it, has to do with the other thing that has taken up most of my time lately…baseball!

Both of my boys are playing this spring and my husband is the head coach for my 5 year old’s team and the assistant for my 8 year old’s team.

I feel like I have been living at the baseball field lately!  They are having a great time but their cute white baseball pants are SO hard to keep clean!

My neighbor recommended the soap so I gave it a try.  I just wet the clothing, rubbed in some soap and threw the pants into the laundry.

Now if I had thought ahead of time, I would have taken a before and after picture.

You just have to trust me on this…it really works well!  I have noticed that the really stubborn stains sometimes take a second round of cleaning but overall, I have been really happy with the results!

During my cleaning frenzy this week, I also tried another product which I highly recommend…

The Turbo Snake Drain opener!

Now if you have long hair like me, you probably have problems with your drain getting clogged.

To clean my drain in the past, I have tried shoving a hanger down the drain and I have also tried pouring in vinegar and baking soda.  My husband swears by the harsh drain cleaners but I try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, none of those really work that well anyway.

Rather than call a plumber, this time I tried the Turbo Snake and it worked really well!

Simply, put the velcro end down the drain, twist it around a bit and then pull up all the disgusting debris.

(This photo is re-enactment  since I didn’t want to expose you to the horrible gunk being pulled up!)

It was a pretty gross job to do but I was happy with the results and now the clog is gone!

Hopefully, these tips can help make your life a little easier!

Did you come across any great tips or products this week?

Which reminds me, can anyone recommend a good shampoo/conditioner for baby-fine hair?  (I have been unhappy with everything I have tried recently)…Thanks!

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  1. I just used a hanger on my sink the other day! I also pour boiling water down the bathroom sink once in a while to help wash down the soap goo.

    1. I bought it at the grocery store but I am not sure if every one carries it. It was right in the laundry detergent section.

  2. Oh man, why are baseball pants so often white?! That sounds hard! But much easier with the new soap! Also, a spring on the baseball field sounds pretty ideal; I hope you're enjoying it!

  3. Sometimes I think we are living parallel lives, Shelley! I haven't posted for awhile, as I've been cleaning and organizing as well. Truth be told, I can't spend a lot of money on decorating this month, so I thought I would get things cleaned out and organized! That way, when I can decorate, everything will be nice and clean!Thanks for the stain remover recommendation! I always use Zout! One cleaner I really like is Barkeeper's Friend. It's great stuff too!

    1. I haven' heard of Zout but I just read about Barkeeper's Friend and was going to try it! Thanks!

  4. Some stains are real stubborn. I wonder why they still stick to the white pants where its going to be real rough (with the dive and slide to reach home base)

  5. Hi Shelley, I JUST TRIED the turbo snake and YES "It does work"! I have very long hair and was dazzled trying to find an easy answer. I got my snake in the grocery store with the AS SEEN ON TV gadgets. For shampoo, have you tried "PERT in the green SQUARISH bottle", the 2in1 type that has the SHAMPOO "AND" conditioner in it! "It is THE BEST"!Your PUP is GORGEOUS! "YES" I'm a doggie person!!!Have a wonderful weekend and HUG ROSIE for me,Donna

  6. Love Fels Naptha-because I make laundry detergent with it and I love that product. No baseball pants here since mine are all grown up but I will remember the stain remover trick and I already have the soap on hand so it's a no-brainer! Thank you for the hint!We couldn't be without Barkeeper's Friend either-use it on so many different things and it does not scratch!!

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