Shore Events

After rubbing elbows with the Travel Channel cast last Tuesday,

we headed over to the Seaside Park borough hall

for our next event of the day!

And while Zac Brown and Bruce Springsteen music

rocked over the loudspeaker,

our own Jersey “rock-star” emerged from his vehicle!

No, it wasn’t Jon Bon Jovi or Springsteen himself

but a rock-star in my mind…

Governor Chris Christie!

Now without getting all political on you

I gotta tell you – I love this guy!
Even if he wasn’t Governor,
I would still want to have him over for dinner!

He is charming, funny, a great leader

and just what New Jersey needs to be

“Stronger than the Storm”!

And how awesome that he has a Summer Playlist!

After his speech was over,

he stopped and talked to every person who wanted to say hello.

I was totally gushing when I shook his hand

and he was so gracious to every person there!

My only regret is that I didn’t have my picture taken with him.  I was too busy taking pictures of him with my kids who were almost as excited as I was.  My 9 year had taken a class trip to the state capitol this past spring and his class was able to tour the Governor’s office.  My son was disappointed that he didn’t get to see Governor Christie in person so you could imagine how thrilled he was to actually meet him!

Governor Christie’s speech that day focused on rebuilding a stretch of Rt. 35 that was damaged in the storm. As always, he was straight to the point, funny, a bit sarcastic and as entertaining as ever!  He captured the attention of the crowd with his witty remarks and gave us all hope that that area of the shore is on it’s way back.

Oh, and to mention Jon Bon Jovi one more time… did you hear that he donated $1,000,000 to the state’s recovery fund for Superstorm Sandy?  Read about it here – Bon Jovi Teams up with Chris Christie for Sandy Relief.  Another Jersey guy I just love!

So overall, I would say we had a pretty exciting afternoon.

We followed it up with an evening on the boardwalk with the family.

The boardwalk is coming along and getting busier all the time.

I remember that Midway Steak House from when I was a kid.

My grandparents used to take us to the boardwalk for the day

and my grandfather couldn’t leave before he stopped for a cheese steak there!

Such nice memories…

And in the distance you can see Casino Pier where the now famous

Jet Star Roller Coaster once stood.

It’s wonderful to see the progress

they are making to rebuild that section of the boardwalk.

As the latest slogan says, we’re
“Stronger than the Storm!”

Did you meet any “rock-stars” lately?

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  1. Oh Im lovin these posts..makes me long for home and I have to agree with you on Christie.. While I don't like something he did with the pensions that aside I do think he is a great leader and an all around decent guy…

  2. So glad to see all the progress on your beautiful shore area! Sounds like a fun day and a great guy, I think it's too bad people have to be ugly about his weight.

  3. It's great that the magnificent Jersey shore is making such progress! You must have had a great day!

  4. I love your local news! And updates about the Sandy recovery progress. I have never been to the NJ shore, only Md and DE. I have similar memories though and last week my father in law sold the family beach house that I have gone to with my kids for 30 years. It was a week of mourning. But we have aunts and uncles there who will still let us stay with them. It has been our life every summer. Enjoy your beach.Xoxo Nanxy

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