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A couple weeks ago, I hosted a little travel link party on this blog.  At that time, I had no plans to make it a regular occurrence.  I just thought it would be nice to provide a place for people to share some vacation posts.  In fact, the first few days I wondered if I would get more than a couple link ups!

Turks and Caicos – Regent Palms

Slowly, the posts trickled in and it ended up being so much fun!  Those of you who joined, linked up some amazing vacations and I am sure you inspired others.

The Other Side of the Road – Kauai

I received a few emails asking about the next party.  Some of you missed this one and some of you mentioned how much you enjoyed having a place to share your travel posts.

From My Carolina Home – NC Lighthouses

Like I said, I had only planned for this party to be a one-time deal so I had to consider it.  Then I thought, why not?  Summer is coming and I am sure you all have some wonderful vacations lined up!

Ms B In the Bay Area – Scottsdale

So, I was thinking… a weekly link party might be too often for this type of thing.  It’s different with DIY and home decor parties since most of us are changing things in our homes constantly.  But most of us aren’t traveling constantly!  So, I thought a once a month party would be more appropriate.

Starting this Friday, May 6th, I will begin hosting a First Friday of the Month Travel Link Party.  Will that be the name?  I am not sure, I am still working on that.  I can’t really call it the Spring Break Link Party again if I am going to do this every month.

I will run it basically the same way as before.  You can link up new or old travel posts, (just no repeats from the previous party).  This new party will take place on the First Friday of the month.  I think by the time Friday comes along, we are all in vacation mode anyway!  Now, I just need to commit to a name.  Here are a few I am considering…

  1. First Friday of the Month Travel Party
  2. Fantastic First Friday 
  3. First Friday Fiesta 
  4. First Friday Fly Me Away 
  5. Take Me Away Link Party 
  6. Your suggestion…

Feel free to vote on any of these in the comment section.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

What do you think of my monthly travel party idea?


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  1. Shelley… I like "Take Me Away" link party. #2 and #3 opens the link to things along with travel. You may have more traffic. Up to you… no matter what – count me in except this Fri. cause I'll be incognito… Have a great week.

  2. I like #1 but shorterFirst Friday Travel PartyorFirst Friday Tour (which might encourage posts on things going on in the bloggers area that they might not necessarily have to travel to get to, but would qualify as a tour for someone else).

  3. I'm so happy this will be a regular link up! I like First Friday Travel Party or #5.

  4. I love the idea of a travel link party! I'll get to live vicariously through all these bloggers and their beautiful travel posts. Looking forward to seeing what everyone links up!

  5. Hi Shelley, it was great to meet you today!!! I can't wait to join in your next travel link party! Have a great weekend! xoxo

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