Weekend Pupdate #10

Rosie is now 17 weeks old!

How is that possible?

It seems like just yesterday

that we carried this little bundle home!

Look how tiny she was at 7 weeks.

And here we are at 17 weeks!

Who is that big dog?

She can only get part of her body under these chairs now.

Seriously, how can that be comfortable?

She used to have a scrawny little tail…

Aww…I love when she sleeps like that!

But now her tail is getting the golden retriever feathers.

I can just see this

knocking over everything when she is full grown.

She is now in her third collar.

Can you believe that tiny one on the right?

The day we brought her home,

I thought she would use the middle one

but we had to go out and get the little pink one to start

because she was so little.

She’s not so little anymore!

Look at my big doggie trying to look ferocious!

Would you be scared of this dog?

I don’t think so…

What a character.

She is still stealing socks and things.

And trying to look innocent about it!

Life is good.

She is becoming such a sweet dog
but puppyhood is going really fast!

Although I am not longing for the days
 of accidents in the house or trips outside in the cold at 2 a.m.,
I do miss that squishy little face and soft puppy fur.
I felt sad looking back at the “baby” pictures
because I didn’t take nearly as many as I wished I had!

I also spent too much time
taking care of her and adjusting to her
instead of just enjoying her.

It was just a reminder to cherish every moment!

“Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it”
                         – Ferris Bueller

How are you taking time to enjoy your weekend?

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  1. Awww Baby Rosie has grown so fast!I remember those sharp little puppy needle teeth. They get your attention when they puncture your hand or your ankle, let me tell you!Yes, do enjoy her and keep taking lots of pics!xoxA

  2. She is changing too darn fast. Slow her down. She is so funny still trying to fit under that chair. I guess she will eventually figure out she can't anymore. Such cute pics.

  3. What a sweet post… and yes, she's growing really fast! I love the quote, Shelley! So I have a lot of fun with my little DIY project this weekend.Have a nice Sunday!~Jutta

  4. Oh she is just adorable. It is amazing how fast they grow. Such great pics. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi lovely lady.She is so adorable !! She is growing so fast!!!Im following your new linky now, hope you are having a great weekend with your family.XXOO Diane

  6. Oh Shelley, she is a beauty!Yes, puppyhood moves like lightning, like infancy on Fast forward!But it's all worth it — because as your much-loved dog grows and becomes a "grownup" you will find even more to love about her… although you will always miss that little puppy belly! (My personal favorite puppy place!)I miss having puppies around, but I cherish the adult — especially the senior — dogs who have shared our lives. You have many wonderful years ahead with her.Enjoy, Jersey Girl!Cass

  7. Shelley, you are lucky that Rosie isn't a child otherwise you wouldn't be able to keep her clothed. She looks very healthy and happy. We are really enjoying our inherited poodle. She is very loving to us and she and Holly are inseparable. The only problem is that she was spoiled by my Grandmother who gave her food from the table so now she doesn't like dog food very much. It sounds like everything is going well at your house where Rosie is concerned. She is a cutie! ————–Shannon

    1. We are trying really hard not to let the kids sneak her food under the table. I know once that gets started it is hard to stop!

  8. Awww . . . she's getting so big and pretty. Their puppyhood goes by quickly just like our kids' infancy and toddlerhood. We just got a new puppy a couple weeks ago. Housetraining and cleaning up accidents . . . Ughhhh! Thanks for sharing your sweet puppy.

  9. Oh…she is precious! Love the Ferris Bueller quote, so true!!! My Bella loves to steal socks too, it is one of her favorite things, so funny 🙂

  10. Oh, that baby picture is so sweet! She is funny, love that she thinks she can fit under the barstool! Rio is 4 and still 'innocently' takes our shoes and socks!

  11. She is so cute! I want one but been putting it off.We had a golden retriever for years Max .He was wonderful.Is she a retriever or lab?

    1. She's a golden retriever. Everyone thinks she's a lab these days because she is losing all of her fluffy puppy fur!

  12. Awww it's crazy how fast they grow! I remember wanting Wilson to get bigger so he would stop his puppy biting and go on walks with me. Now I would give anything for him to be smaller and cuddle all the time, like he did when he was little. There's nothing cuter than a golden puppy!! 🙂

  13. I think I have fallen in love with her! Aren't gold retriever such a beautiful dog and so mild mannered as well….good family dog. I am seriously considering getting a puppy as well. Diane

  14. I love that quote from Ferris Beuller. It's so true. Your puppy is so adorable! My next door neighbor has a golden retriever just like yours and he's still very young too. He towers over my dog! Ha! Looks like yours is settling into your home nicely.

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