Weekend ‘Pup’Date #1

Well I survived week one with our new little puppy!

Little Rosie has been adapting to her new home…

and I have been adapting to little Rosie.

Obviously, she is quite relaxed in her new home.

She can sleep through anything.

But when she is awake,

she’s a wild thing!

It was hard to get any good shots of her awake

because she was all over the place!

We had many visitors throughout the week

who brought her all kinds of presents.

I am sure the boys will just love walking her

on the pink leash!

And even I got a present!

I guess they are trying to tell me that my house will be stinky!

But seriously, this is one of the best smelling candles ever!

Two of the mornings this week

we woke up to snow.

And the little girl just LOVED jumping around in it!

She just loves her toys.

And when we let her roam around the kitchen

she chews on EVERYTHING!

I will have to direct her towards some things I want to replace!

She even got a hold of my sister-in-law’s shoe.

And this morning,

my son brought her up to his room.

Not a good habit to start!

She even had a music lesson

while she was in there.

Don’t get used to this, Rosie!

Up until now,

she has been forbidden from the second floor.

What did I get myself into?

I am not going to say this week has been easy!

I STILL have a bad cold

and the longest stretch of sleep I had was 5 hours.

But I will take 5 hours over

what I was dealing with at the beginning of the week!

For the first few days,

I referred to her as

“The Beast”.

I was not happy with her or all the work!

I really felt like I had a newborn baby in the house!

I have been trying to establish some kind of routine with her.

I have been writing down every single thing:

like when she pees, poops, eats, has accidents…

Yeah, it’s been really a lot of fun.

So, how do I feel about this new addition to our family?  I can honestly say, I still have mixed feelings.  While she is absolutely adorable and cuddly and sweet at times, I feel a lot of resentment towards her…

I don’t like my house to have cages and fences all over.

Here is the kitchen pen.

And here is her crate in the old playroom.

She really needs to be in this more often.

At first I liked the idea of having an area in the kitchen

and one in the playroom

but I don’t think I am following the “crate training rules”

by doing that and I am probably making it harder.

The dog hair is already annoying!  Well, the puppy fur isn’t really that bad in the house yet but if I am holding her, I get fur all over my shirt.  I now have a separate “dog” jacket and a “leaving the house” coat because of the fur. 

She bit and pulled one of my sweaters the other day.  She is biting everything!

I hate having dog poop in my yard.  When I take her out at night I don’t bother to pick it up right away so the next morning I have to find it and pick it up.  This week I am buying little flag markers to stick in the lawn so I know where to find all the poop.  Everyone laughed at me months ago when I had that idea but I should have just ignored them and did it my way from the start!

But I shouldn’t complain so much.

There have been so many good things too:

My 8 year old has been amazing!  He sets his alarm for 6:15 every day to come down and help me with her.  The one morning I came downstairs to find him in the kitchen getting her breakfast after he had just taken her outside to pee!  He has been SO helpful!

My kids are absolutely in love with little Rosie!  They are so sweet with her and I would love to show you pictures of their happy faces with her if I wasn’t a paranoid mom who is afraid to post pictures of her kids!

I have had plenty of company so I haven’t felt isolated by having to be home so much!  One of my friends came on Tuesday and then dropped by later in the week just because she needed another “puppy fix”!

I have always said I think it is important for kids to grow up with a pet.  Sure we have had fish and a hermet crab but I can’t really count them as real pets!  We always knew we would get a dog someday and the timing for getting a puppy is about as good as it will ever be.  My younger son is in half day kindergarten so I have to be home by 11:45 every day.  Once he is in school full time, I will be able to leave the house for longer stretches of time.  I just have to get myself through these next few months!  Luckily, it has not been a bad winter.  We have only had a couple dustings of snow and the temperatures have been pretty mild overall.

And Rosie really is sweet.  I have already starting talking to her in a stupid baby voice and I love snuggling her.  I love it when she falls asleep on me!  I have to keep reminding myself that she won’t be little enough to do that for very long so I better enjoy it now!

So, that was basically my week.

I also want to thank Linda from

Sand and Sea

for her recent comment referring to my weekly dog recap as

“weekly ‘pup’date”.

I love calling it a “Pupdate”

so that’s why my weekly report will be called

“Weekend ‘Pup’date”!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures this week!

Hopefully by next week I can tell you she let me sleep longer!

How was your week?


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  1. Rosie is precious! It really does get better in terms of the housetraining. Dog hair, not so much. Still, I think it's worth it. Your kids need to be careful about leaving toys where Rosie can get them. We had some Barbies and action figures lose limbs with our last dog.

  2. Thanks Sweet Posy – I have been really careful about watching her when we have her out. Luckily we moved all the toys to the basement.Ann (anonymous) – Don't do it!!!!Only kidding, but it is much harder than I imagined and I thought I was prepared!

  3. She is so cute and things will get better, well, the dog hair and the pooping won't, but the other things will. 🙂 Maybe once you feel better too that will help. I hope this week is better for you.xoxoxo

  4. How could that sweet cuddly ball of shedding hair do anything bad? Ha ha. She is so cute but I understand how frustrating a puppy can be especially when you don't feel well. Hope you feel better soon!——– Shannon

  5. I made my family come over and see her, we LOVE her!! And, yes she will be grown up before you know it, so cuddle her up good and enjoy! The poop flags cracked us up, wait till she starts playing with them!Wishing you a healthier week!

  6. Rosie is sooooo precious! I wish we lived closer so our pups could play! I'm going to zip you an email about our George!Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!Kerry at HouseTalkN

  7. she's so cute!!! We just got a puppy last year at this time. A lot of work and patience in the beginning. Best thing we did was put his crate in our bedroom where he slept through the night – and get him in a routine of eating and going outside to pee and poop. It's hard but so rewarding have a nice pet in the family! GOOD LUCK!

  8. Love reading your 'pup dates', she really is adorable and just like our Nala was at her age! I remember quite a long chewing/nipping stage with Nala, it's all teething just like with kids, at around 6 months old it seemed to stop, though she still chews on the oddest things when she's bored, little landscaping rocks are a favoutite! xo K

  9. Hello!Thank you, thank you for the sweet, adorable "pupdates"!!!! (thank you for mentioning me, too ;o)Every picture is more adorable than the next -honestly – you could create a little book because every picture is so precious and catches such great moments and moods of Little Rosie!Good luck with the "flag" markers ;o) – always a fun project!Everything becomes a "chew" toy so good luck on watching out for that…I'm so glad your children have such a sweetie to grow up with – they make childhood best friends through thick and thin (and for busy Mommies, too!)Best wishes on keeping up your energy and THANK YOU so much for these day-brightening "Weekend Pupdates"!!! (I actually laughed out loud at one of the close-ups!)Appreciate your time and energy in sharing Have a beautiful day!!!!XOs, Linda :o)

  10. True confessions! Had to take another look at all the photos of Rosie as a great pick me up…I tell you, she could star in those Disney "Buddy" golden retriever pup movies!!!Have a lovely weekend! Linda

  11. These pictures make me happy! She is so adorable, I love having a puppy in the house. figuring out a system to maintain control is what makes it work. You figured it out and now have a new beloved member of the family!

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