A Week of Reviews – A Concert

Saturday, after our fabulous dinner at

Moshulu in Philadelphia,

we headed across the Delaware River

to Camden, New Jersey.

We had tickets to see the

Zac Brown Band!

Just in case you are not familiar with them,
(and our waiter who is a musician wasn’t!)
Zac Brown Band is a country band
with an island sound.
So if you like Jimmy Buffett or Kenny Chesney,
you will most likely like Zac Brown!
As you may have guessed,
I am a huge fan!
(Which is funny, because years ago I hated country music!)

So, I was excited to finish up dinner
and head across the river to the concert!

On such a beautiful night,
it only made sense to just take the ferry across instead of drive!

We walked further down Penns Landing

 and waited in line for about a half hour.

Then we hopped on the ferry

and we were across the river in about 10 minutes.

The ferry was more fun than driving over the bridge.

Normally, the ferries stop running around 6:30 on weekends

but because of the concert, they kept them going all night.

And since almost every person on that ferry was heading to Zac Brown,

the ferry played Zac Brown music on the way over.

The crowd was singing and it was a festive ride!

We passed by the restaurant on our way across to Camden.

Camden has done a great job developing the waterfront area.

Here is the Adventure Aquarium where I have taken the kids a few times.

And the Susquehanna Bank Center;

our destination for the concert!

The place was packed with a partying crowd.

It looked like there wasn’t even an empty spot on the lawn.

Luckily, our seats were in the 7th row.

(Well, the 7th row behind the sardine-packed general admission section!)

My husband may not like to spend money on house projects,

but he doesn’t fool around when it comes to good seats!

Zac and the band blasted off by

opening the show with

“Keep Me in Mind”.

They played all their hits

while sprinkling in new songs throughout the show.

They rocked the place

and the crowd was on their feet the whole night!

Greg Allman even showed up and played a few songs.

I loved the show so much

that I am not even sure which song I enjoyed the most!

“Free” gave me chills

and “Knee Deep” and “Toes” had the crowd singing along.

The last encore was “Chicken Fried”

 which was another perfect sing-along

for the obvious alcohol loving crowd!

(Not surprising that Jack Daniels was one of the sponsors!)

It was the perfect end to a perfect night!

“It’s a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea”…

                – (from Knee Deep)

Here is a link to the setlist for that night.

You can click on the arrow next to each song to hear a sample.

We didn’t get home till 1:00 am that night.

But the weekend wasn’t over yet!

Come back tomorrow

for my review of a Sunday event!

Have you been to any good concerts lately?

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  1. Love Zac Brown! All three of our children love them as well and they range from 18 to 28! I think that group appeals to almost everyone! The last concert we went to was Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Lauren Alaina! It was incredible! And yes, good seats are worth the splurge! Glad you had fun! It sounds wonderful!

  2. I'm one of those people who have never heard of them, but sometimes I think I live under a rock! lol! Sounds like a very fun evening!

  3. I love the Zac Brown band. I think he is from Ga. My husband likes Chicken Fried and I love Toes.

  4. I LOVE the zac brown band! They are on my list of bands to go see. We went to see Kenney Chesney and Tim McGraw a month ago (country too) but I'd love to see Zac Brown Band! Lucky girl! 🙂

  5. OMG… you are a lucky one, Shelley!!! Love Zac Brown Band!! Beautiful voice and wonderful songs! Awesome pictures too!!!

  6. Great show! Great photos! Love Zac Brown Band .. Beautiful voice and wonderful songs! Awesome pictures too!!!

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