Home Office Progress – My Plans and Furniture Shopping

Between all of our summer activities and my indecisiveness, I haven’t finished my home office yet.

Even though I haven’t gotten very far, I do have a plan:

But I wanted to make sure the layout would work for me.

As you can see, I put a fake desk in to mimic the size of the one that I think I am buying – (which is not the one in my collage above anymore).  Last week on my shopping trip, I had the chance to see the Dash and Albert rugs in person and came home and remeasured. I am glad I did because a 5 X 8 would have been too small.  The 6 X 9 will work perfectly!  (As you can see by the tape measures on the floor.)  The fake desk you see is 54″ X 23″ and although it looks a little small in this picture, I think that size will work since I am putting white shelves behind the desk (see the table runner on the floor behind the chair).  I think there will be a white slip covered chair in the right corner and that is as far as I will commit until I can see the actual furniture in the room.

So far I have ordered bookcases:

(There are 3 but only the center is shown below)


And the Dash and Albert rug!


Slowly, but surely the room is coming along.

Have you made any progress on your projects?


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  1. Can't wait to see this done! So jealous of your blank space to work with…Your boys would love the pirate adventure. Do the one in Brick, the one in Manasquan is a copycat. At the very least, you will get to see the beautiful (bigger than I expected) waterfront homes on the Metedeconk.Enjoy your weekend ~ Stay cool!

  2. I would give anything to be able to have an office big enough to warrant a desk in the MIDDLE of the room – so sophisticated looking!My office is a quarter of that size with 2 desks!!!!!!!Can't wait to see it finishedXOXO

  3. Good for you….measuring so you get it right. Love the D&A rug…..they are priced so reasonable too.

  4. Ohh can't wait to see it done.. LOVE the bookcase style and the rug.. This room is going to be beautiful I know it.. Robyn

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