Throwback Thursday – Rosie’s 1st Halloween

Happy October everyone!

Today we are taking a trip back in time to Rosie’s first Halloween.  I needed a good laugh today so I when I came across some pictures from 2 years ago, I thought I would share them with you.

Rosie was fascinated with pumpkins that year.

She kept stealing them from the porch.

And she carried them all over the yard.

So when it came time to dress her up for Halloween…

There was only one option!

Although I don’t think she enjoyed wearing a pumpkin as much as she enjoyed carrying one!

Silly golden…

Believe it or not, I cannot find one picture of her costumes from last year…yes costumes with an “s”.  She actually had two. Yes, I have become one of those crazy dog people…

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?

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  1. Rosie looked adorable in her pumpkin costume and carrying her pumpkin around the yard. Of course we dress our Goldens in Halloween costumes…we are crazy dog people too đŸ™‚

  2. Well, no, she does not look enthralled with the costume! I always look at those cute little dog costumes at PetSmart which would fit our cat, but she would be totally freaked out if I tried to put something like that on her.

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