Travel Channel at the Shore

We spent 4th of July week at the Jersey Shore.

And one of the highlights of our week
included a visit from the Travel Channel!

Well, they didn’t exactly visit ‘us’ personally,
but the crew was in Seaside Park
making over a playground…

Here is Anthony Melchiorri, between takes.
Anthony is the host of the Travel Channel show
Hotel Impossible.

I just recently stumbled upon this show on the Travel Channel
but I recognized Anthony right away
and I knew for sure it was him
when I heard his distinct voice.
I swear he has the exact same voice as Scott Baio!

Anyway, Anthony and his crew
arrived last Tuesday afternoon
to film the reveal of this bay-side playground.

I won’t show you the full reveal
out of respect for the Travel Channel but
I am sure you will want to tune in
on August 12th at 10:00 p.m.!

Make sure you watch out for my smiling face in the background!
My kids and I were filmed a few times
so I am excited to see if our “scenes”
make it through the editing process!

It really was exciting to see the official reveal
unfold right in front of us.

A couple hours later I was able to meet Anthony and the designer, Blanche Garcia  (above left) at an event just down the street.  I always hate bothering famous people so I quickly complimented their work on the playground, took a picture with Anthony and my 7 year old and moved on.  I wish I had talked to Blanche more though because she was the one who designed the whole thing!  Then after reading her bio on the Travel Channel website, I was even more impressed with her work as a designer.  Not only is she a Jersey girl but she is a LEED specialist through the US Green Building Council.  Check out her website B Garcia Designs.  You might also recognize her from Season 6 of Design Star.

As you know, the Jersey Shore was devastated in Hurricane Sandy.  Last month I posted pictures of the areas that are still a wreck from the storm.  While things are nowhere close to being back to normal, the conditions are definitely improving.  I am thrilled that the Travel Channel filmed this episode.  Not only does it give the locals hope and incentive to keep plugging along, but it also shows the rest of the world that the shore is back in business and will be stronger than ever!

Remember to tune in to the Travel Channel
on August 12th at 10:00 p.m.!

Stop by tomorrow and I will tell you

about the other exciting event I attended that afternoon!

How was your 4th of July week?

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  1. How exciting for you to see the show being taped. I see from time to time pictures of this area on the news and my heart just breaks for the people. Glad to hear that it is on the mend. Thanks for the pictures and will definitely tune in to see the show.

  2. Wow that was exciting! How I miss the Jersey Shore. It's my home and I miss my home. When I was a kid we would spend 2 weeks ever summer down the shore. It was the place to be back then..

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