Seize the Snow

Yesterday we received our first significant snowfall of 2015.

And Rosie couldn’t wait to bolt outside and do the “Crazy Dog Run”around the yard.

 A great reminder to live each day with passion.

 “We have a finite amount of time.  Whether short or long, it doesn’t matter.  Life is to be lived.”  – Randy Pausch

Rosie definitely knew how to seize the day!

I hope your week is filled with just as much enthusiasm!

Are you remembering to live in the moment?

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  1. I sure miss the snow. My family in Pa are supposed to be getting six inches of this stuff on Monday. Enjoy the snow!

  2. LOVE this!! Rosie was sure enjoying herself…our Neena was the same way! Looks like we are in for a lot more come tomorrow night!!

  3. my golden was enjoying our snow in kentucky too. but I did not get any great pics like yours. sheila@mykentuckyliving

  4. We are supposed to get big snows this weekend and in the South, we're never well prepared…out to stock up this morning! Happy Monday!

  5. How cute is she!! Talk about seizing the day!! I will remember that tomorrow when the blizzard reaches us! Hope you and your family are all warm and cozy this evening Shelley.

  6. So cute! I think this is the best part of having pets. They are constant reminders to live in the now. Stay warm!

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