Labor Day Weekend…So Far…

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Many of you will agree that spending time at the beach is the best way to wrap up a wonderful summer!

Labor Day Weekend at the Jersey Shore

 Thankfully, these past few days have been beautiful at the Jersey Shore!

Waves at the Jersey Shore

 Although the first day or two, the waves were rough from an offshore hurricane… Of course, hurricanes are to be expected this time of year.

Body surfing at the Jersey Shore Labor Day Weekend

Luckily, the ocean calmed down more each day and ended up being perfect for body surfing!  My kids could stay in the water all day…and they did!

Wave Runners at the Jersey Shore

As much as they love swimming, my husband and boys needed even more thrills.  I held my breath while they rented a wave runner.

Waver runner at the Jersey Shore

You can bet, I grew a couple more gray hairs this weekend!  Not that I don’t trust my husband to take care of them…but those boys love to go fast!  They also find it amusing when I keep yelling for them to slow down.  Boys…

Seaside Park Labor Day Weekend Craft Fair

Luckily, everyone survived the wave runners so we headed to a craft fair to do a little browsing.  At least that was a calm activity for me!  Visiting the annual craft fair has become a Labor Day Weekend tradition for us.  I didn’t buy much but it’s always fun to see what everyone is selling.

Sand Dunes at the Jersey Shore on Labor Day Weekend

Overall, it’s been a perfect weekend so far.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the weather is supposed to be this beautiful for Labor Day!

Goodbye Summer 2014! It’s been a good one!

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How has your Labor Day Weekend been so far?

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  1. Shelley, that does sound like the perfect way to end the summer! What beautiful weather you had for the beach. This summer went by way too fast!

  2. That's the perfect way to end summer!! Figures the kids are going back to school and now the summer heat arrives!

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