Long Beach Island Attractions for Families

Back in June, my sister rented a house in LBI for a week.  LBI (Long Beach Island) is a very popular vacation destination along the New Jersey Shore.  When we were kids, our family would rent a house there for a week every July.  So many fond memories from my childhood!  This year, my sister invited the boys and I to stay at their rental house in the town of Beach Haven for a couple days.  My husband stayed home and caught up with some of the golf he missed while coaching baseball all spring!

In the short time we were there, we hit many of the must-do-kid attractions:

Long Beach Island, New Jersey or LBI

Like the awesome water-slide!

As you can see, it wasn’t even crowded that day.

As I said, it was still June and some schools hadn’t let out for summer yet.

We practically had the place to ourselves!

Even the “Crazy-Lazy River” was pretty empty!

And miniature golf was fun as always!

The beaches were as beautiful as I remember.

And the boys did some serious boogie boarding while there!

We spent an evening at the Fantasy Island Amusement Park and arcade.

Even that was pretty empty…and clean…very clean.

I forgot how neat the island is kept.  We have become so used to the not-as-clean Seaside area of the Jersey Shore.  Seaside could learn a few lessons from this sweet family resort town!

We made sure we had breakfast at the famous Chicken or the Egg!  And yes it lives up to its fabulous reputation!

Here is the view from our table at The Ketch Restaurant for dinner one night.

So nice having an outside table when you are dining with kids!

And speaking of kids…

We made sure we stopped at the Skipper Dipper for ice cream, just like when my sister and I were kids!

I was glad to see it was still there!

I wish I took more pictures that weekend, but I guess we were having too much fun!

Here are some links to the places mentioned above:
Thundering Surf Waterpark
Thundering Surf -Adventure Golf
Fantasy Island Amusement Park
The Chicken or the Egg
The Ketch Restaurant
Skipper Dipper Ice Cream

So much to see…and we didn’t even make it to the other end of the island to visit the iconic Barnegat Lighthouse …I guess there’s always next time…

Have you been to any great beach towns this summer?

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love it that you didn't have to deal with crowds, either. Summer is going by too fast!

  2. Good old LBI! I haven't gotten there in a couple of years so I really enjoyed seeing the pictures in this post. I remember that going on that waterside was always a highlight of my summer as a kid, as well as the rides at Fantasy Island. My husband is more of a lake and mountains guy, but I try to get my kids to the shore every year. Looks like you had a blast! And it looks like June is the perfect time to visit.

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