Weekend in Vermont

This past Thursday and Friday,

New Jersey schools were closed for the annual teachers convention.

Last year our family

(and probably half of the New Jersey)

went to Disney World.

This year we stayed a little closer.

We took a road trip to Vermont for the weekend.

We knew November would be a little early for skiing

but we just needed a little family getaway time.

The top of the Killington mountain had some snow.

But there were only 5 or 6 expert slopes open.

Needless to say, we did not ski.

But we did do some exploring around the area.

We headed to the town of Quechee

 to spend one of the days.

The kids always love going to the model train display

below the Cabot Cheese store in the Quechee Gorge Village

And we all love checking out the Toy Museum on the top floor.

Ahh, flashbacks of my childhood.

I couldn’t find my old Flintstone lunchbox

but saw many more that brought back memories.

Pez anyone?

Next to the toy museum is a thrift/antique store.

I wish I bought this sled.

Fun stuff.

I love these old waterskis.

We had lunch at the Farmer’s Diner.

And then walked across the bridge overlooking the Quechee Gorge.

I don’t enjoy heights.

But it was a nice view.

We found a trail that led to the bottom.

We had to explore.

The kids were quite fascinated

 by all the damage from Hurricane Irene.

Trees were uprooted everywhere.

And the barriers were knocked down.

Here is the bridge we started out on.

After our hiking adventure,

we drove back to Killington.

The kids were engrossed

 with all the destruction from Irene along the way.

So sad.

A devastated gas station.

The damage was unbelievable in some areas.

No wonder they said Killington was cut off from the world.

Luckily, all the roads and some bridges were repaired.

And things were business as usual along the access road where

that night we enjoyed an evening at our favorite restaurant:

The Wobbly Barn.

It was the opening weekend so there was a long wait.

But then again, there is always a long wait there!

I don’t want to make this Vermont post too long,

so come back tomorrow and instead of Hurricane devastation,

I will show you the beautiful streets of Woodstock, Vermont.

Have you been to the mountains lately?

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Vermont, it looks beautiful! Well, not the devastation part, that is so sad and I hope they are able to get things back to the way they were.Thanks for the tour. :)xoxo

  2. HI Michelle – it is beautiful – My sis-in-law sold her house ONE week before that storm hit — can you believe!She and her kids went back from RI and helped neighbors clean the mud out a week later…Vermont is one of the best places to be in the fall! (grew up in New England!)Thanks for sharing —LindaSand and Sea

  3. I would love to visit Vermont someday. Except for the devastation, it looks like a beautiful place. I had no idea how much damage the hurricane had caused. Glad to hear that you had a fun weekend!

  4. Thank you sharing your vacay photos! I have always wanted to go to Vermont, it looks so beautiful 😀

  5. Although not from US but I am from the hills. And your post simply took me back to my Childhood. It's beautiful.But simultaneously Irene really made me sad…I hope things are better looking now.Thanks for sharing 🙂

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