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Decorating the Foyer for Christmas

Having an open staircase makes it fun when it comes time to hang the Christmas garlands.

Since, this is the first place guests see, I feel like this is one of the most important areas of the house to decorate.

Of course, most of my close friends and family arrive through the garage when they stop over.

Maybe I should have hung garland in there!

Anyway, I used darker red bows to match the fruit on the garland.

Foyer with Christmas garland on staircase


The darker red also coordinates well with our rug.

Also, I carried the bows over to the mirror.  Though, the red on my table is a little brighter.

And the poinsettias are bright Christmas red too.

Like previous years, I kept things pretty simple here with some fresh greens and fake berries.

And a Pier One lantern which I realized a minute ago, still has a raffia bow on top from the fall.

I will be changing that to a Christmas one!

Here is another angle of the stairs.

And up we go (to the boob lights!)

From here, you can see the view into the living room.  Before long, we’ll be bringing in our live Christmas tree.  At that point, we’ll rearrange the furniture a bit.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have you decorated your entry for Christmas yet?


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  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous! You are so blessed and have such lovely taste!Am still recovering (had mini-surgery myself and hubby goes in soon to his! What a holiday pair!)Truly, the holiday spirit is always in the heart, and I love how you always share it with others through your blog.Best wishes to all your family! Linda(sand and sea aka beachside cottage)

  2. What an awesome space you have, Shelley! Love your grand staircase in all it's Christmas glory….it looks so festive and welcoming. Time to have a party!!

  3. Shelley -that certainly makes me wish I had a staircase, just beautiful! It's been a treat following along with your holiday decorating!

  4. Just beautiful and I am still cracking up about the lights! Your a riot, I would have never noticed that.I haven't done mine yet, maybe this weekend.

  5. You have created a lovely and inviting entryway! I can't get over how much my foyer looks like yours. Even the adjacent rooms {even though I had the builder block the entrance from the foyer}. I'm going to have to peak into some of your old post to get more inspiration. thanks.

  6. Hi Shelley! Your home is beautifully decorated! I love all of your Christmas decor! Thank you for the wonderful tour!

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