Bringing Home the Islands

So, what’s this Calypso blog all about?  Well, since I’m always looking for ways to blend a little island style into my everyday life in the NJ countryside, I thought I’d start a blog!

This blog will be a mixture of:

Caribbean Trip Reports

Island Inspired Decorating

Decorating Tips and Inspiration

Vacation Advice


Various Coastal things

Oh yes, and a dash of the Jersey Shore (the beach, not the TV show!)
…and who knows what else…

Over the years, I have written many trip reports on various message boards.  So, why not put them all in one place?  Ever since my first trip to Barbados back in 1990, I have been in love with that region of the world.

My husband and I have traveled to the islands at least once a year since we started dating back in 1992.  Sometimes we justified going twice a year, but after moving into our house it seemed ridiculous to have completely empty rooms yet stay in a resort for 10 days!  Our Caribbean travel days even caused us to delay having children until we were in our late 30’s.  “One more vacation”, we’d say.  “Things will change so much after having kids”…well they did! 

But thankfully, we tested the water with our first son with a quick trip to Puerto Rico when he was one.  It wasn’t that hard, so once our second son was born, he was already on a plane before he was two.  Our once romantic vacation time became the annual family vacation.  For the past 3 years, we have gone to the same island – Grand Cayman.  Back in the childless days, it would have been ‘forbidden’ for us to repeat an island!  But we have adjusted, really love how our life has changed and we enjoy the time we still get to spend in the region that we love! 

We have managed though, to sneak away once without the kids so far but having them with us has added a whole new dimension to our travels. 

In addition to the Caribbean, most of my life I have spent summers in various towns along the Jersey Shore -from Spring Lake down to Long Beach Island.  I guess I have always been attracted to the beach so it only makes sense to write about it!

I hope you like my blog and feel free to make any comments!

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