Weekend Pupdate #8

It’s been another fun week with our little Rosie!

Yes, she is still chewing everything in sight.

Luckily, we have plenty of these “bully sticks” to keep her busy!

She’s been getting the paper for awhile now.  I think she originally did it because she wanted to chew the bag, but since we make such a fuss over her every time she picks it up, she now proudly carries it back to the house each morning!

Run Rosie, run!

She’s out of her pen and crate most of the time.

As you can see, she falls asleep anywhere.

She hasn’t realized she is now too big to sleep under these chairs!


Rosie, you are going to get stuck one of these days!

She has been sleeping really well at night.  Most nights she will sleep 7 to 8 hour stretches.  But of course Friday night when it was pouring down rain in the middle of the night, she decided to wake up and bark her head off at 3:00 a.m.  I ended up taking her outside in the rain and it was quite hysterical.  There she was, mid-pee; when she decided it would be fun to eat the raindrops.  She started jumping up in the air with her mouth open trying to catch them.  All I could think of was that scene from “Sixteen Candles” when the older sister is getting married and took too many muscle relaxers.  While the wedding guests are throwing rice in the air, she is jumping up, trying to catch it in her mouth!  So, at 3:00 a.m. I was standing outside in the rain laughing.  Not something you see everyday!

So now she is fascinated by the rain.

Sure, it’s always fun to smell like a wet dog!

She had a few doggie playdates.

She loves Henry’s pool cover.

Henry’s parents are not happy that she keeps walking on it though!

She loved horsing around on the deck in the sunshine.

Doesn’t she look like a big bully of a dog here?

She visited her “cousins”.

A cockapoo…

And a golden retriever.

And enjoyed as much time as possible outside.

And that wraps up another installment of Rosie’s Weekend Pupdate!

Did you spend time outside this past week?

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  1. She is getting so big so quickly. I love the shot of her under the bar stool. She may always lay close to those since she always has. That is too funny about her catching rain drops.

  2. She's getting to be a big girl. I always wanted our dog to carry in the paper. When I try to get him to pick it up, he looks at me like I'm crazy. Rosie is obviously smarter than Alfie.

  3. she is just SO cute! And getting so big! Love the weekend pupdates 😀 we were outside as much as possible this weekend checking on all the new calves and their mommas, we've got quite a few new ones so little and bright! Glad you had a nice weekend so far!

  4. Good Lord she just keeps getting cuter!! I can't believe she's bringing the paper in!! The reference to 16 Candles had me laughing – one of my all time favorite movies! You must have laughing so hard out there at 3am!

  5. Oh my gosh, Rio did the same thing with the barstool! Glad you're enjoying her, love the rain! 🙂

  6. I love the last photo…she looks like a model! I can't believe how fast she has grown. I also like how she brings the newspaper…what a cutie!

  7. Rosie is definitely a star! Getting the newspaper is quite a feat for Miss Rosie. She must love being in the spotlight because she looks adorable in those closeup photos. It's nice that she has other doggies to have as friends. Our inherited poodle has fit in with Holly very well. They are best buddies, playing so much that I have to separate them sometimes to let Holly rest. The doxies are getting better but they are not quite sure she is ok just yet. Have a fun Sunday!———– Shannon

  8. The picture of her under the stool is SOOOO cute! Look at those paws! She's just adorable! And I love the thought of her dancing in the rain, trying to catch rain drops! Such a sweetie!

  9. I love these pupdates 🙂 I'm so impressed that she'll carry in the paper for you!

  10. My whole family looks forward to your Rosie posts!She is getting so big. Look at those paws!I love the raindrop story. Too cute.:)

  11. I adore Rosie and her antics are so cute!!She is really growing!I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!xoxoKarenaArt by Karena

  12. Rosie is such a pretty puppy! I hope to get my boys a puppy soon. Have a wonderful day!

  13. My favorite thing about Rosie is the way she sleeps under chairs. You're gonna have to get a REALLY BIG chair pretty soon. : )

  14. What a sweetie! I love that she lays under the chairs she doesn't fit under anymore lol. Puppies just don't seem to understand that they get bigger!

  15. Hi Shelley Just happened to be reading your blog and what a beautiful surprise to see your Rosie. She is a little cutie. We also have a golden retriever her name is Kelly she was a rescue dog and what joy and love she has brought to our family. Kelly will be 10 this May and has the most beautiful nature, as all golden retrievers do. I can really understand how you feel about your Rosie. Our Kelly is a cream retriever too. I haven't ever commented on a blog before so, this is a first for me.Take care Robyn

    1. Hi Robyn,Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I have really enjoyed documenting Rosie's growth on my blog each week. I am glad I have done it because I am sure I will forget all the little things from when she was a puppy. I always love to hear comments from people who own golden retrievers. They are such wonderful family dogs and seem to be so loved. Have a great day and I am flattered that your first comment was on my blog!-Shelley

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