Weekend Pupdate #3

I cannot believe we have had our Rosie for 3 weeks already!

So… here is your puppy fix for the week…

(Stay tuned at the end for all the “fun” details.)

This week she had a bath..

She enjoyed some great stretched out puppy sleep time!

She stole my son’s backpack.

She got a little too comfortable on the couch…

We are going to stop this before it becomes a habit!

And she enjoyed lots of tail chasing!

But as to be expected, the week was not all fun and games..

We started off the week with my husband leaving for a trip so I knew I would have to handle things on my own for the whole week.  Rosie had been sleeping 5-7 hour stretches by the end of last week so I figured this would not be a problem…Wrong!  For some reason, she must have sensed he was leaving because all hell broke loose!  She was having accidents constantly and the nightime was a nightMARE!  She would only sleep 2-3 hours and then have an accident in her crate!  I was losing it!  I even suspected that she might have a bladder infection.  I ran the idea by my neighbors but everyone seemed to agree that she is still young and “puppies will be puppies”…

After the second night of this nonsense though, I decided to call the vet.  I told them I thought she might have a bladder infection so they had me come in that morning with a urine sample…which was not that hard to get since she was constantly going!

And sure enough…my baby had a bladder infection!

I was so glad I trusted my “mommy instincts”!

They had to give her an antibiotic shot and then gave me pills for the next 10 days.  The little sweetie was so good for the doctor.  Even while getting the shot, her tail was still wagging and she never seemed upset the whole time we were there.  I felt like such a proud mother.

I think that is when the transformation took place. 

And I don’t mean her transformation, I mean…mine.

Ever since we brought her home, I had been feeling resentful towards her for disrupting my life, for not letting me sleep…basically for everything.  But suddenly I felt so protective of her.  I felt like she was my little baby and I wanted her to feel better.  The vet told me that the first night or two she would still be waking up more to pee while the medicine kicked in – plus she wanted me to make sure she kept drinking water to flush it out of her.  So I ended up waking up every 2-3 hours with her but I wasn’t angry like I had been.  I just did what I had to do.  Hopefully, tonight she will sleep longer since she has been on the medicine for a couple days now. 

I am really enjoying her so much more now.  I feel much closer to her and I want to snuggle her even more.  In fact I am kissing her all the time.  I guess we’ll keep her…LOL!

So that was our week…I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the fluffball.  Hey, doesn’t she look a little more “golden” now?  I think she was whiter when we got her but her fur is getting darker and fluffier.  And she has definitely gotten bigger!

Thanks for stopping by.  I have to bring her out into the cold windy night when I am finished writing this.  It is absolutely freezing here and the wind is so strong I think my house is going to blow away.  Yeah, this going outside part has not gotten any more enjoyable….oh well!

How is your weather this weekend?

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  1. Poor Rosie, I'm glad you didn't just ignore the symptoms because she probably was very uncomfortable. Rosie is lucky to have such a good mommy! Give her a big old hug for me. ——— Shannon

  2. Aww, she gets cuter by the week! Hope she's feeling better and you're all back to sleeping thru the night soon! 🙂

  3. You are such a good pet owner. I wouldn't think dogs would get bladder infections either. Poor little thing! She is so very cute.I'm glad that you're having a better time of it too!

  4. Awww poor little girl…bladder infections are the worst. Very good your listened to your mommy instinct! And I'm so glad she's growing on you. You will love her more and more every day! And she is SUCH a pretty puppy…I showed my husband and we were both oooing and ahhing! 🙂

  5. Your new addition is adorable! I hope things get better soon. Glad you took her to the vet! I'm sure she will start sleeping through the night when the infection is cleared up. I always let Sassy out right before bed and she very rarely has to get up in the night. Thank goodness! I hate to have my sleep interupted!Thanks for your nice compliment on the mantle! Kristen

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