Weekend Pupdate #24

As Rosie is getting older,

her hair is growing…

and shedding…

and shedding…

and making me vacuum constantly!

But the extra work is worth it when I look at that face!

Unfortunately, that cuteness can only go so far and I knew I had to do something about all the excess fur!  So, this week, I stopped by Petco to pick up the “famous” Furminator.  I was shocked to see that they are selling it for $62.00!  I thought that was a little high for a dog brush, although it is supposed to be such a “miracle brush”.

I decided to check online before investing that much and I am glad I did!

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Amazon is selling the same Furminator

for a fraction of that price!

I couldn’t believe it

so I ordered it right away!

As soon as it arrived

we got right to work on “Rosie the Furball”!

Speaking of fur balls,

look what came off of her!


Even she didn’t want to look!


But now we are all happy again!

It’s been a good week!

What do you use to control pet hair in your house?

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  1. I bet Rosie feels so much better after her "furminator" spa treatment! I am lucky. My dogs are terriers, and they don't shed hardly at all. Instead, they like to bring me dead possums and skunks! 🙂

  2. O my gosh she is SO beautiful!!!. We have the furminator too because of our Lab Mixes and one of them is long hair.. It's an AWESOME tool!.. and they LOVE being brushed with it and it does cut down on the shedding thats for sure.. Robyn 🙂

  3. Rosie is the best 🙂 Great photos of that little face!I use a Kong dog brush which my dogs (beagles)love 🙂 as soon as I put it my hand they both lay on the floor with excitement I could use that brush on them all day long they love it.

  4. Oh Rosie, you are too cute for words 🙂 Our shih tzus grow hair instead of fur, so we don't have to deal with dog fur all over the house. We do have to take them to the groomers for haircuts every 8 weeks, but I'm okay with it!

  5. Our sweet girl isn't looking so puppyish today! 🙁 Don't they grow up fast! I've heard of the furminator, but hadn't tried it, thanks for the great tip!

  6. I couldn't live without the Furminator. It seems like the fur it brushes out will go on and on and on forever! But if you do it a little bit each day, eventually you'll catch up with it and be able to see your floors again! Rosie is as adorable as ever.

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