Weekend Pupdate #19

Rosie had a busy week.

The second we flew back from North Carolina on Monday,

we rushed over to the kennel to pick her up.

She was so happy to see us,

and although I am sure she had a great time,

five nights away was probably enough for her!

We arrived back home

 just in time for the kids’ last day of school on Tuesday!

We celebrated with a pool get together at the neighbor’s house

and Rosie came along.

She didn’t do much swimming but played with her pal, Henry instead.

They are almost the same size now!

There was lots of doggie roughhousing!

Look at those ferocious teeth!

But all the rough dog play with Henry

really tired her out.

A puppy can only handle so much!

This week, we also took Rosie to get fitted for a harness.

I wanted a harness for two reasons.

One, because she pulls when I walk her.

Two, because you can now get a ticket in the state of New Jersey

if your dog is not properly strapped in the car!

It makes sense though.

If we wear seat belts, then dogs should too!

Here she is in the car,

 secure in her new harness.

I bought the Kurgo Trufit Smart Harness.

(No, I am not being compensated to mention that!)

You can use the harness to walk her,

and then hook on the attachment

so she can be seat belted in.

She doesn’t mind wearing it

and so far it seems to help with the pulling when I walk her.

While we were at the pet store,

Rosie picked out a new toy.

I think it might be her new favorite!

Any new toys for you this week?

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  1. I hate boarding the pets. I always cry! You must have been happy to see her, and she must have been so happy to see you!

  2. Our oldest dog is named Rosie as well! Our puppy is Zoie and she loves to play but it definitely tires out sweet Rosie! Loved seeing this post!

  3. Aw, Rosie is getting so big! Such a cutie, our two dogs wear each other out too and it's so fun to watch (apart from when they run around like maniacs indoors!) hehe 😉 xo K

  4. Rosie is adorable. She looks like she is enjoying her toy. Our neighbor has a dog named Rosie. Cute name for a cute dog.

  5. Every time I read your post about your dog, it makes me smile. I thing dogs are such a wonderful addtion to our lives. Have a great day. Tammy

  6. Nothing better than a fun playdate to wear them out! Your boys are going to have such fun with her this summer!

  7. We don't have pets because we are not really animal people, but I will admit that she's REALLY cute!Stacy

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