A Week of Reviews – A Product

Today I am reviewing a product
 that I cannot wait to take on vacation with me!

Am I going on a vacation?…

Well, not in the near future

but I am sure I will be going on one sometime this year!

We are long overdue for a Caribbean trip,

especially since Disney took over last year!

Anyway, I think this product will make life (and traveling)
 a little easier!

It’s a refillable perfume atomizer! 

Sephora makes a great one that is so easy to use!

It is only $10.00.

And they will fill it with your favorite perfume when you buy it.

(No, I am not being compensated in any way to review this)

I will show you my own demonstration… 

Remove the metal casing.

Inside is a little glass perfume bottle.

Screw off the top.

Get out your favorite perfume.

Put the little funnel in the bottle.

And just keep squirting the perfume until the bottle is filled.

How easy is that?

Then just take out the funnel,

 put back on the top

 and there you have your travel size perfume bottle.

Now just slip the metal casing back on

and you are ready to travel!

And the atomizer is only 3 ounces

so it will comply with those rediculous

airline regulations.

Now isn’t that much easier

 than carrying a whole bottle of perfume

 in your checked luggage?

If you have ever had a bottle of perfume leak into your suitcase,

you know what I mean!

It’s so cheap,

you could get a few for each of your favorite frangrances.

Although the sales girl did say you could

re-use it if you emptied it

and rinsed it with alcohol.

But really, ten bucks, why bother!

Go check them out:


They come in two different styles.

Have you ever had perfume dump in your suitcase?

What is your favorite perfume anyway?

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  1. What a great product. Will definitely pick this up the next time I am at Sephora. Hope things went well with Irene.

  2. Sephora is one of my favorite stores, except I do try to stay away because I love to spend money there!! What a neat item and very cost effective too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh boy that sounds great. I have had perfume leak out, not fun!

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