Weekend Pupdate #32

Rosie is not much of a barker.

Sure, she will bark every now and then.

But she is generally a quiet dog.

Look at that little smile!

But when Rosie does bark,

it’s usually for a reason.

Her bark is a real deep, “woof, woof”

and I like it because it’s her voice.

She is making herself known.

And she definitely made herself known this week…

I was in the kitchen and I heard all this crazy barking

coming from the deck.

And this is what I found.

She was obsessed

with the hot air balloon flying overhead.

She barked and barked as the balloon

traveled across the neighborhood…

She wouldn’t stop until it was completely out of sight.

It sure was the big excitement for Rosie’s week!

Did you have anything exciting happen this week?

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  1. Well, if I was a dog I would have been barking at that strange thing in the sky, too. Lucky you to have an occasional barker. Bailey barks at everything.

  2. Rosie looks like someone Soph and I would love to entertain. I have stopped by over the summer and checked ya'll out, I just never took the time to comment (here or hardly any other blogs)I am looking forward to things slowing down here and having time to play in blogland.

  3. Too funny, Shelley! Rio would have done the same thing, sometimes she barks if we leave a black lawn bag out in the middle of the yard! 🙂

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