Seven Ways Online Retailers Can Make Shopping Easier

Like most of you, I shop online all the time.  Usually, websites are easy to navigate and I am happy with my overall shopping experience.  But sometimes shopping online can be frustrating.  Here are a few of my suggestions for any retailer who would like to listen…

How Online Retailers Can Improve Our Shopping Experience- Calypso in the Country Blog

Dear Online Retailers,

For the most part, you are awesome but as a frequent shopper, I have a few suggestions for you…

1.  New Items – When you have a “New Items” section, please only put NEW items there.  You are not fooling me when you try to sneak in a bunch of older items assuming I never saw them before.  Believe me, if I am clicking on the “New Items” section, I want to see the new stuff!

2.  Enlarging – When you have a little magnifying glass symbol that says “enlarge here”, please actually enlarge the photo!  I have to laugh every time I click on to enlarge and the picture just moves over to the right.  Not helping me at all…

3.  Scrolling – When I scroll down the page and click on an item, sometimes I want to go back and scroll more afterwards.  Why do I get sent back up to the top?  I don’t want to go back up to the top.  I want to continue where I left off before I clicked on the item!

4.  Passwords – Sure I am all for security and would be devastated if someone stole my identity, but if you make me go through all those security questions when I set up my account with you, why do you STILL have to email me a link to CHANGE my password when I forget it?  I thought the reason you asked for my town of birth and mother’s maiden name was so you could just give me my password when I forget it!!  Do you know how many times I forget passwords?  I have a whole notebook (tucked away in a very secure hiding spot) filled with passwords now!  I don’t want to dig that notebook out every time I go online.  I like to rely on you to help me out every now and then when my brain is not working correctly.  Is this too much to ask?

5.  Measurements – Okay, I get it.  There is a difference between ‘Counter Stool’ height and ‘Bar Stool’ height.  You are kind enough to list every measurement on the stools for me – width, back height, etc…but what about the SEAT height?  Some of you think that putting ‘Counter Stool Height’ is enough.  Let me tell you something…it’s not!  My counters are standard height but under my island, I have a decorative molding.  Because of that molding, I can only comfortably fit stools with a 24 to 25 inch seat height.  Counter stools can range from 24 to 27 inches high!  Most of you are great about specifying this but some of you think I am psychic…which I sometimes am, just not in this case!

6.  Samples – Sometimes you don’t have a physical store for me to visit or sometimes the closest one is much too far away.  I can’t always tell what a fabric or wood tone is going to look like in person so I would really appreciate it if you provided samples.  Some of you are great about this, but some of you would rather have me just order the item and return it later if it doesn’t work.  I hate returning things.  I do it all the time but I hate it.  I am a ‘regular’ at our local UPS store but I don’t want to be.

7.  Reviews – I love reading reviews from people who have bought a product.  I like knowing if people are satisfied or want to share some assembly tips.  Since I don’t expect you to list whether a counter stool is squishy or firm in your descriptions, I like to rely on reviews to tell me that.  Don’t worry that the bad reviews will scare me away.  I read the good ones too and make my own decisions.

Once again, these are only my suggestions but I would be really happy if you listened to them.  I love shopping online and  I am looking forward to all your NEW spring products!  Just remember to put only those new spring items in the new section!  My credit card is ready to go!


Shelley AKA Frequent Online Shopper

Do you have any suggestions for online retailers?

Please share in the comments below!

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Seven Suggestions for Online Retailers - Calypso in the Country Blog


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  1. Shelley… Great post! I totally agree on all points. I hate it when I order something,give all info, and then they tell me they are sold out. Have a great week!!

  2. I completely dislike online stores that make you sign in and give your email address and first born child before they will allow you to shop their website. no no no no no no… not going to happen. Must let me look around first, otherwise I simply leave and shop somewhere else online and those are the stores that get my money.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by to party at Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party and sharing your post. Have a fabulous rest of the week!

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