My Essentials (to stay warm) for a Ski Weekend

This winter we are making an effort to take the kids skiing as much as possible.  Now that my 11 year old has become fearless on a pair of skis, we want to give him as much practice as we can.  Although my 8 year old is hanging in there, he hasn’t quite expressed the same enthusiasm as his older brother.

Vermont Skiing

As much as I love heading up to Vermont for a cozy weekend with the family, I really prefer the warmer weather.  I am a beach girl, not a snow bunny… but I do enjoy the cold, snowy weather in small doses.

To help me deal with the cold, here are a few things I cannot live without on one of these snowy getaways…

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My number one essential to stay warm on a ski weekend:

Hand Warmers - One of my essentials to stay warm

Hand Warmers and Foot Warmers!

Grabber Hand Warmers and Grabber Toe Warmers

Let me tell you, these things are a game changer for me.  You just pop them in your gloves or mittens, stick one on the top of each sock and you are good for the whole day.  Seriously, I cannot ski without them.  I have Raynaud’s Syndrome where my fingers turn white when exposed to cold temperatures so I literally could not ski without them.  Also, I use ski mittens instead of gloves.  I think my fingers stay warmer if they are clustered together than they would if separated in gloves.

These are the ski mittens I have used for many, many years…

Ski Mittens - one of my essentials to stay warm

Here is a link to similar ones – Gordini Aquablock – Women’s Mitt or  Gordini – The Polor Mitt – Women’s.  Although I might try these at some point since they are down filled!

For my socks, I used to try the whole layering thing with a silk sock and then another ski sock on top.  They would get all bunchy and practically cut off my circulation…no wonder my feet were cold!

Anyway, one day at a ski shop I asked about socks and they hooked me up with these:

Ski Socks - one of my essentials to stay warm

You don’t have to worry about wearing a liner and they are comfortable and warm.  Of course the foot warmer stuck on top of them helps too…Here is the link to these exact socks – Eurosocks.

My ski pants aren’t pretty.  They are just the standard bulky looking black ones….nothing special. Back in the 90’s I used to wear those legging type of wool ski pants that everyone wore but they really didn’t keep me that warm.  I need to be more practical.  Now if I fall trying to catch up with my 11 year old, I won’t feel wet all day!

Along with the silk sock liners I used to wear, I used to line my ski pants with silk long underwear because someone told me that was the thing to do years ago.  I don’t know if they really helped keep me warm anyway…

What does keep me warm are these $9.99 fleece lined leggings!

Ski Leggings - one of my winter essentials

I picked them up at Marshall’s before our last trip.  Unfortunately, my silk underwear had seen better days – and what a difference!  Love these things…especially since they were super inexpensive!  If you can’t find them at Marshall’s, these leggings are very similar, if you are interested.

Speaking of leggings, I picked up these adorable leggings a couple months ago…

Print Leggings

Do they scream ski weekend to you or what?  They aren’t super warm but they are perfect for lounging around with a hot chocolate after skiing.  I also found a bunch of really fun ones in a variety of wintery styles.

Of course, no ski trip is complete without my little snow dog…

Golden retriever in the snow

Yeah, I had to throw her in there.  Technically, she does keep me warm when she is snuggling so she qualifies for my list ;).  She has been having the time of her life out in that snow this year though!  Maybe she can teach me a few things about enjoying the cold!

And because Rosie is such a “snow dog”, she even got included in our family ski art!  Check out this adorable Christmas present my sister in-law bought us…

Ski Art

This is the Personalized Family Ski Art from Uncommon Goods.  She always gives us the most creative gifts but I think this one is my favorite so far!  As you can see, it’s our family on the ski lift including Rosie in the last chair.  Isn’t it darling?  I noticed on their website that they also make personalized family art with other themes including bike, canoe, holiday…They are all so cute and make perfect gifts!

So that’s my list of essentials for a ski weekend.

I guess the ski art isn’t “essential” but I had to share it with you because it’s so special!

Oh yeah – we can’t forget a fire!  Definitely an essential for a ski weekend!

Roaring fire - one of my winter essentials

If it were up to me, I would spend the entire ski weekend sipping hot chocolate wine in front of one of these…

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What are your ski/cold weather essentials?

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Must Haves to Stay Warm on a Ski Trip



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  1. Great recommendations, Shelley! I saw those fleece lined leggings at Marshalls and almost bought them. Glad to know they are warm. Definitely need a pair of those. That ski art is such a great gift, love that Rosie is on the lift too 🙂 Oh, and I agree about mittens being warmer than gloves. Have a great weekend!

  2. I haven't been snow skiing in years! I'm not very good at it but it is fun to go with friends and stay in a rented chalet. Those are some great tips on how to keep warm while out on the slopes. I think I prefer the beach too.

  3. Love those fleece lined leggings!! Oh and I don't go anywhere cold without hand warmers 🙂 Your dog looks like he loves the snow…so cute!!

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