Oh Seaside…

I am so sad watching the news unfold

as our Seaside Boardwalk

takes another hit.

First Hurricane Sandy destroyed most of the boardwalk

but most of it was rebuilt over this past year.

Now this section of the boardwalk is on fire.

Please pray for the safety of everyone involved!

Are you seeing this on the news where you live?

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  1. I'm so sorry Shelley, I briefly saw it on the news, but didn't hear what happened, so sad after all of the work to rebuild. Sending prayers to all.

  2. How did this happen? Why didn't they stop it before it got so far along? So sad. I did not see it on our news, but I have been too busy to watch this week! Just pulled it up online. I have the most wonderful memories of arcade evenings as a kid in Cape May on the boardwalk….. so sorry yours is and has suffered. I hope they rebuild it soon!

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