2014 Goals

Now that the kids are back to school for the full week,

I can concentrate on what I would like to accomplish for 2014.

I usually have a running list of goals for my home.  I feel it is important to keep a list, not only to stay on track with my goals but the process of just crossing off each item as I accomplish it can be so satisfying!

Here we go:

Home Improvement/Decorating Goals:

The Kitchen – Either make a decision about getting the cabinets painted or go all out and do a full renovation.  So far, we have gotten estimates for painting along with some minor carpentry work.  Our next step (gulp) is to bring in an architect to get an estimate to completely redo the space.  I have always wanted an island instead of the peninsula so I am really leaning towards a full renovation.  I am very nervous about this but I have put it off long enough!

The Kids’ Bathroom – I have never shown pictures of the “lovely little room” before but I will tell you right now, it will be getting painted and redecorated this year.  This is not a major renovation.  The fixtures will stay the same so basically I will be refreshing it for the boys.  The yellow walls and bright fish shower curtain will be going away…far away.

The Laundry Room – That room is so close to being finished!  I had it repainted a few months ago and all I really need to do is add some more storage and make a skirt for the utility sink since this is where my husband likes to keep his running shoes.  I can’t sew so I have put off this project for a looooong time now.  It will get done though.

My Office – Yes, I know – I did transform the room for the One Room Challenge but I am waiting for the plantation shutters to get installed and I still have to hang some artwork.  I am also going to work on making the space more practical for working.  I am getting some storage baskets for the shelf in front of my desk, keeping my eyes open for a different lamp and also working on storage ideas for the closet.  I have found that I now do everything in the office.  I blog in here, I wrote out Christmas cards and thank you cards in here this year, wrapped presents and now I will be using the space to organize a school event that I will co-chair this spring.  I now will be co-chairing two school events during the year so organization is SO important now!

Get Rid of Stuff – Last week, my husband and I went through boxes in the basement and piled up all the things we no longer want or need.  The pile was HUGE!  We are still going through things but we found it quite funny that we still had items boxed up from our old condo.  We have been in this house 15 years!  I think it is time we let go of some stuff!  Most of the pile will be donated and I already have a pickup scheduled for later this week.  I think we may try to sell some things…but that of course means learning how to use Ebay or Craigslist.  I will let you know how that goes…

(Maybe this is worth something!)

Ok, that’s enough for the home goals for now.  I don’t want to go too crazy with that list!

Overall Blog Goals:

Social Media – At the end of 2013, I really jumped into the social media scene with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  They are kind of a novelty for me right now but I have to figure out if they are really worth the time for me.  I really just enjoy the actual blogging so we will see how those things work out.  I will reevaluate those later in the year.

Giveaways – I would like to do a few giveaways on the blog…hey, why not?  I have been blogging for a little over 3 years now so I would like to try some new things.

Comments – I tend to slack off with comments sometimes.  I will make an effort this year to respond to comments the same day I receive them.  Otherwise, I end up waiting and taking forever to get back to people!

Frequency – I tend to blog about 3 times a week.  I plan to increase that to 4 times a week in 2014.

Photography – I hate to admit this, but I still haven’t learned how to use the DSLR camera I bought last spring.  I will be working on that goal…

Personal Goals:

Exercise – Ugh…even typing that makes me cringe.  I make such an effort to eat right but I know I really need to exercise at least a little.  In the warmer weather I do walk but that’s really about it.  Being middle aged makes you realize you have to take better care of yourself.  Luckily, I have always been thin so it’s not the weight loss I am after, it’s the overall good health.  I want to be around for my kids for a long time!

Computer – I am embarrassed to admit this, but my husband bought me a new computer for my birthday in November and I have yet to start using it on a regular basis.  Why, you ask? – Because it runs on Windows 8 and I have had the WORST time trying to learn it!  It has made me miserable – tears and all.  My old computer is over 3 years old and has some issues but it’s easy…and comfortable…and MAKES SENSE!  I try a little bit each day but I have come very close to throwing the thing across the room.  Meanwhile, it sits on my desk next the my old computer reminding me I really need to get moving on it.

There it is, just sitting there – mocking me…

Family – I can honestly say I put most of my effort into my family.  I would like to plan more one on one time with each family member though.  My husband and I need to go out more and I want to spend time with each of my sons alone doing just what they want instead of what all of us want.

Organization – Like I said above in the blog goal section, I need to add more storage options.  I also want to keep ahead of things so they don’t pile up.  I need to delete emails on a more regular basis, catch up with photo organization, make photo books, transfer movie files onto DVDs…oh this list could go on forever!

Travel – I almost forgot this one!  Each year we plan at least one family trip.  Last year we were fortunate enough to take the kids to Grand Cayman  and Washington D.C. and in 2014 we want to try someplace new!  I will keep you posted when we decide on this one.  Fun, fun fun!

Ok, that’s enough…These are my main goals for the year.  I am sure I will add more and/or revise these a bit but this is at least my starting point.  I don’t pressure myself or feel bad if I don’t accomplish everything each year.  I just use the list as a guide to keep me focused and then I just do as much as I can.

I hope to get started on these as soon as possible but at the moment, I am running to the store before the roads get icy.  It’s pouring down rain and in the 40’s right now but the temperature is dropping and is supposed to be a low of 3 degrees tonight!  Winter…such fun.

Have you made a list of goals for 2014?


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  1. Well, I think a call into Greg Zook may be in order if you are going full out reno! I think you cabinets are a classic style nice with doors, but if you want an island.. I think they may have to go. ;( Good luck!!

  2. Wow! Your in for a busy year Shelley! Would be glad to see your progress!For the home the kitchen will be your biggest for sure, I did that last year and I'm so happy I finally did, have a few other rooms to tackle, particularly my closet, we'll see!!!! Good luck!

  3. Your list sounds exciting, Shelley! Whether you go for the full reno on the kitchen or not, I hope the end result is something you love. It's really wonderful that you go away every year as a family……the years are so fleeting! Wishing you a very happy, healthy and productive year ahead!

  4. What a great list of resolutions, Shelley! How fun that you've already got such great use out of your office, perfect timing on that project. Btw, I had so much fun with my kitchen remodel and we didn't even have Pinterest then! Happy New Year, friend!

  5. I like your ambitious list of goals and have pinned and bookmarked them to refer back to often during the year. I was going to make my own list, but yours is much better than anything I could come up with. It will be an exciting year to be following your blog!

  6. WOW you sure are going to keep yourself busy this year Shelley!! Your kitchen goal sounds very exciting…looking forward to following it along!

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