Sweet Tea in Southport

Last week, we spent a long weekend visiting family near Southport, North Carolina.  I always enjoy our trips south so I can relax with the family, hear people say “y’all”, “Bless your heart” and refer to Iced Tea as “Sweet Tea”…

The weather was hot and humid reaching the high 90’s but we spent a lot of time inside and at the pool.  We also walked around Southport.  It is such a charming little southern town!

Southport, NC

I love all the big porches.

Most of them were decorated with rocking chairs.

(So southern ya’ll…he he)

The kids loved walking out on the docks to watch people fish.

This fish actually started flipping around on the dock

and almost got away!

The kids loved feeding the seagulls.

(I always enjoy these Alfred Hitchcock moments.)

We had a lovely dinner at a beautiful golf club.

Since we had a large party,

we were able to use the wine room.

Sidenote:  I tried to tour the local Coastal Living Idea House.

But of course it was CLOSED when I arrived!

We did though, get to tour a model for a new “Seaside” development.

The interior was very beachy.

Lots of seaside colors and accents.

Overall, it was a pleasant trip south.  Though, I was not thrilled with the “Dash 8” plane we had to fly in on…Small planes make me nervous.  (Who am I kidding? – ALL planes make me nervous!)  But we had a wonderful time with family and that is all that matters!  (Well that, and we didn’t crash!)

Have you planned any family vacations

 this year?


And do you drink

 “sweet tea” or “iced tea” where you live?

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  1. "Bless your heart" is one of my favorites!! I lived in NC for a year and loved it!Iowa is an iced tea state but we drink sweet tea at our house!

  2. I've been to Southport several times. We lived at Wrightsville beach a few years ago when my husband had a work contract there. My favorite way to go to Southport is to take the ferry over from the Carolina beach side. It would be great to have family there to visit.

  3. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with a trip to NYC. We don't go on "alone" trips very often, but someday I would love to visit the south. I hate to fly too, so all this traveling is going to be interesting for me! :)We must have a lot in common besides our love for Seinfeld and dislike of flying! One of my favorite things to do is go to model homes and open houses. I love to see how other people decorate…and I'm a little nosy too! 🙂

  4. What lovely pics from your trip! That wine room looks amazing…I'd love to have a dinner party in there…I'm with you on the flying, I do it as little as possible. As for tea, I take it iced and straight up. The less sugar I consume the better!Any travel plans for the Independence Day weekend? Have a great one!

  5. I LOVE those big porches too. They look so completely American to me. You never get porches like that in England. But I wish we did!!Sarahx

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