Man Designed-Man Cave – Benjamin Moore Dry Sage

Today, I am taking you down to the basement…to my husband’s “man cave”!  Yes, he decorated the whole thing himself, right down to choosing the paint color – Benjamin Moore Dry Sage.  Come take a quick tour…

Poker table in basement man cave


His ‘Man Cave’ is a small room at the bottom of the stairs but he managed to pack in everything he needs.

In our home, only half of our basement is finished.  At the moment, the playroom side of my basement is just a room with a couch, TV and a bunch of toys…nothing to be proud of in the way of decorating.  But the kids love it and I have way too many other projects to do first!

My husband, on the other hand, made sure he “decorated” his “man cave” side as soon as it was finished a few years ago.  He was just so cute about it and chose every single thing in the room himself.  Seriously, I had no input…and I think he did a nice job. 

With the way he set up his man cave, it works well for his occasional poker game.  Also, it’s a great place to escape and watch an “important” football game.

Man Cave Essentials - a Large Screen TV of course!

When laying out the room, the bay window in the dining room ended up making a perfect little nook for the TV.

Man Cave Seating Area - Walls are Benjamin Moore Dry Sage

He chose the furniture, the artwork and as I mentioned, even the paint color!  (Once again, the walls are Benjamin Moore Dry Sage)

Not once, did I interfere once with his choices!  (Although I am trying to make that hand-me-down coffee table disappear!)

Man Cave Bathroom - Who wants those poker players on the main floor anyway!

Even in the bathroom, he chose the paint color, all the finishes and accessories himself!  For someone who acts like he doesn’t care about decorating, I think he did a great job! (Bathroom paint color is Benjamin Moore Linen White).

Does your husband have any “hidden decorating talents”?

Man Designed Man Cave in the basement - Calypso in the Country blog

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Man Designed Man Cave in the basement - the one room I let my husband design!


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  1. What a sophisticated beautiful (handsome) man cave…great colors, decor, etc. Fabulous job!!!Joni

  2. Very nice! A great space!! What about slapping a coat of black paint on the coffee table? Might make it more palatable until it disappears! I'm thinking about doing that in my own rec room.

  3. i don't know how i missed this post. There are not a lot of homes with basements in Florida – because of the high water table – so i am very jealous. It extends your living space so much! I think he did a great job on everything 🙂

  4. Shelley, I missed this post in August…what a great space!! Love the big comfy sectional and the fact that your husband did this all himself (very impressive that you were able to stay out of it – I don't know if I could do it!!!!!) Our basement is in desperate need of decor so thank you for sharing yours for inspiration!

  5. Hi! Quick question about your basement bathroom… How is the plumbing hooked up? Did you have to get an ejector to pump up the waste to the main line out of the house?

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