Vermont Ski Weekend with Family

We usually don’t head up to Vermont in December due to all of our pre-Christmas activities.  But now that the boys have developed an interest in skiing, we managed to squeeze in a trip last weekend.  We picked them up from school Thursday afternoon and headed north on our 4 1/2 hour ride to Killington, VT.

Here is how the mountain looked Friday morning.

The boys didn’t want to take lessons this time around so we let them just practice with us.  I took our 8 year old and my husband took our 10 year old.  Since it was a Friday early in the season, we basically had the place to ourselves.  The temperatures hovered right around freezing with no wind so I was happy to ski with them.  (I am a fair-weather skier by the way…remember I am a beach girl at heart!)  The boys did well even though my younger son was a little frustrated.

That night, it snowed 3 or 4 inches but we woke up to drizzle so I dreaded spending the day out in the elements…

Luckily, the drizzle let up and switched back and forth to snow so the day wasn’t a total washout!  I was able to motivate my younger son a little more and by the end of the day he LOVED skiing!

I couldn’t even take pictures of my older son because he was beating all of us to the bottom.  That weekend was his first weekend on the lift and let me just say, that I think we have created a monster!  He has no fear of speed and wasn’t ready to come in when the rest of us were exhausted!

But I wasn’t exhausted enough to miss out on some shopping!  I managed to stop in a few stores and art galleries and my favorite gift shop at The Greenbriar Inn.

What fun to visit this shop

when I still had a ton of Christmas shopping to do!

Needless to say, I did some damage!

 They have the best selection of hooked pillows and rugs…

And some adorable wooden signs!

During our weekend, we had dinner at our favorite spots..

 The Garlic, our usual stop on the night we arrive.

 The Wobbly Barn, a must for every trip to Killington!

And this time, we tried a new place,

The Foundry at Summit Pond.

A very ski-lodgy type of place with great food

and smore’s right at the table!

I think the kids liked this place the best!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend!

And even Rosie got to enjoy the snow!

It’s not a family vacation without her!

Luckily, we stay at a family townhouse so she can join us!

I envy anyone who is heading to Vermont this weekend!  A ton of snow fell this week and I think almost every trail is open at Killington!  Have fun if you are going!

Do you have any Vermont ski weekends planned this year?


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  1. I remember those days – when it clicks with the kids and they start taking off. It really is a thrill (mostly for them, a little less so for cautious parents.) It should be a wonderful winter – enjoy -and Merry Christmas to you and yours!Phyllis

  2. Sounds like the perfect ski getaway Shelley! Thank you for posting about this, we are considering Killington for February vacation, we have never skied there. Sounds wonderful.

  3. What a great outing, Shelley! We are spoiled our ski area is only 1 hr 15 min away! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about creating a monster, my son leaves us in the dust!

  4. I have never skied the east coast. I would love to take the kids. I use to go every year before they came along. Nice to get in a family trip for you.

  5. this looks so fun Shelley. And I'm so glad you guys took Rosie too she looks so happy.And you look beautiful too. Being with the family all safe and sound. It makes us Moms glow, don't you think?xo

  6. Sounds like such a great weekend, Shelley. Such a pretty picture of you 🙂 I am sure Rosie had fun in the snow too. Yes, they got so much snow and we can't wait to head north for Christmas vacation. Just need to get through the next week of craziness!

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