Vermont Vacation

Why on earth would a warm-weather-loving person

take a vacation to a ski resort?

Well, when you have two snow-loving boys,

you gotta do, what you gotta do!…

This past weekend, we headed north for 4 days

to our favorite ski town of

Killington, Vermont!

And if you love snow,

it was a perfect time to go!

In the past week, over 3 feet blanketed the area!

The skiing conditions were perfect…
well at least the snow was perfect.
On Friday the temperature was only in the 20’s
with on and off snow and wind gusts of up to 40 mph.
Not exactly the day you want to introduce your kids to their first ski lesson…
but we did.

At first, we didn’t think they would last 5 minutes of their 2 hour lesson in those weather conditions.  At Killington, the instructors will teach up to 5 kids per class.  No problem there.  We paid for a group lesson but it ended up being a private lesson for the two of them!  It was so frigid that my husband and I spent the entire time in the lodge sipping hot chocolate and trying to stay warm.  (Yeah, what great role models!)  Every now and then one of us would venture out onto the deck to observe their lesson.  It was too cold and windy to even stay out there for a few minutes!  The whole time we joked around about how the kids will never want to ski again!  What were we thinking sending them out there in practically blizzard conditions?  How will we ever get them on skis again?  Will they want to just drive home after this?  Do they hate us now?…

But our little troopers hung in there and before long, we could see them (red and blue jackets) actually skiing down the little hill.  Then they would get right back in line and head up the “magic carpet” to the top.  This gave us some hope but we still dreaded their reaction when it was over.

When we traipsed over to get them after what we imagined was a grueling 2 hours, they skied up to us declaring how much they LOVED skiing!  We were so proud of them and very pleasantly surprised.  Still, we quickly whisked them inside to warm up with hot chocolate and dry clothes, although they didn’t even complain about being cold!

In fact, as soon as we got back to the townhouse, they wanted to help shovel the deck.  They spent at least an additional half hour playing and throwing snow around.  Go figure.  At that point, if I had been in their shoes, I would have checked myself into the local hospital with hypothermia and possible frostbite.  I am SO relieved they do not take after me!

The next day after some lounging around and lunch at the Lookout Grill, we headed over to the new Killington Tubing Park!  I was thrilled when the sun came out and the temperature was actually bearable.  I think it reached the 30’s with virtually no wind…my kind of day in the mountains!

The place was awesome.  You buy a ticket for a two hour time frame, grab a tube and slide down the hilly course.  The first time was a little frightening because I wasn’t prepared for how fast you take off!  You really have no control so you just have to hold on while spinning and sliding down the hill.

Instead of having to drag your tube back up, they hook you onto a rope tow that pulls you to the top.  My kids thought that part was almost as enjoyable as the ride down the hill!

It really was an exciting day of tubing fun!

And later that afternoon,

while the boys worked hard…

on a 1000 piece puzzle,

I went shopping in the charming gift shop at

The Greenbrier Inn.

It’s always a great place to shop for housewarming gifts.

Next time I might buy one of those wooden signs…

since after all – we now have a couple of skiers in the house!

Sunday morning we were on the road

by 9:30 a.m. for the 4 1/2 hour trip home.

See you next time Killington!

In case you are interested,

during this trip we dined at the following restaurants:

The Wobbly Barn Steakhouse – We eat there EVERY trip to Killington.

The Garlic- Killington Vermont – We usually go there on our first night.
Casey’s Caboose – The kids love the train theme.
Johnny Boys Pancake House – A usual stop for breakfast.
The Lookout Bar and Grill – A good place for casual lunch.

If you want to read about a previous Vermont trip,
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Have you taken any winter vacations recently?

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  1. I too am a beach girl, but I love my skiing. It is one of those things we do as a family. We had 2 bad years of skiing, but it looks like this season is shaping up so we have a Utah trip planned for next month. Your photos made me want to be on the slopes.

    1. I would actually prefer water skiing but I do have to get out in the snow with the boys one of these day!

  2. I do not ski, I could barely walk on my two feet, ha. But, I was hoping to take my kids up to Killington or Hunter this winter to introduce them to skiing. Looks like your little troopers had a ball!

    1. If you go to Killington, definitely check out the tubing park while you are there. I think adults love it as much as the kids!

  3. I never have been to Vermont but I hear it is great. I used to ski many years ago at Mt Vernon. To scared I would break something now LOL. If you got a close up of the sign, try making one!

    1. I haven't skied in 10 years and was not interested in starting up again on that frigid day…I know excuses, excuses. I actually could have gone the 2nd day but that tubing park was too much fun! Regarding that sign…you are giving me way to much credit in the craftiness department, Deneen!

  4. Sounds like a great trip, Shelley! So glad your boys loved it! You and your husband will have to get out there next time…I picked it back up after taking a 15 year hiatus and now we all ski/snowboard as a family (although I'm like you and prefer to be warm – I'm always the first one to quit!)

  5. What fun. I wish I could get my husband to take another snowy winter trip. We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming years ago and went jet skiing and I loved it even in blizzard conditions the first day. Hubby not so much.

  6. You picked the perfect weekend and it looks like you had a wonderful time. My family has been enjoying the snow while I have been bedridden (in my freezing cold room) with the flu. But, I turned the corner yesterday and am hoping to be back on the slopes this weekend. Although we live in Vermont, our girls' team races in New Hampshire where our 'home hill' is and where we do most of our skiing. We hope to make it over to Killington later in season. I hear they have tons of snow, and from your photos it looks like it!All best,Phyllis

  7. Oh how beautiful! It looks like you all had a wonderfully fantastic time. Your post and pictures make me long for snow! (we are hovering in the mid-60's this week in the low country!)No winter travels for us this year- I was just thrilled to have a decent amount of time off with the new job! We all enjoyed the peace and quiet.But oh…now I am dreaming of a Vermont vacay!

  8. What fun!! Nothing like a great skiing vacation to make memories! We went the past two days and it was chilly, but we all love it!

  9. Oh, my gosh, I just love this! I live in the continually warm part of the country and this looks like so much fun, especially the part about sliding down the hill and sitting in a lodge and sipping hot chocolate. What a great post! I love virtual vacations. So inexpensive!Liz

  10. Looks like a fun trip 🙂 we head up to VT almost every weekend to ski! My boys LOVE it!! We go to Sugarbush. That's a great mountain too if you are ever looking to mix it up 🙂

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