Lighting in the Laundry

Now that I am in the process of painting my new beadboard ceiling in the laundry room, I have started to think about what kind of light fixture I would like in there.

Since the beadboard ceiling draws your eye up, I just can’t have this dinky little thing on the ceiling!

I have three totally different ideas for the new light…

A Schoolhouse Semi-flush mounted light:

World Imports Lighting 9007-88 Luray 1-Light Semi-flush Light Fixture, Oil Rubbed Bronze

World Imports Lighting via


 A Norwich Small Foyer Pendant

Norwich Small Foyer Pendant by Kichler


A “Mini Smokebell” Semi-flushmount:

Shades of Light

I love the look of the last one but with the clear glass and the clear bulbs, I am afraid of having too much glare in there.

After all it is a “working” room.

The second one is adorable too.

I am just concerned it wouldn’t be enough light, plus the clear bulbs could cause some glare.

But it is cute, isn’t it?

The Schoolhouse light would be the most practical.  The white glass covering would take care of the glare and that light is the cheapest of the three. I think it would probably give me the best type of light in there.

Does anyone have any of the “Smokebell” types?

If so, does it cause a lot of glass-glare?

It really is my favorite of the three.

Which do you think would look best in the room?

Oh and by the way, painting a beadboard ceiling is not fun…my neck is killing me!


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  1. Hey Shelley,I love your ceiling! I'm with you on the third one. Having said that…I'm alot older than you and I need all the lighting I can get just to see (I hate that) Anyway, I know you'll choose the right one, you have good taste. Have a great night.

  2. They are all nice :)But for a laundry room, I would personally choose the 'Schoolhouse' or the 'smokebell'. xg

  3. I love your ceiling… great job, Shelley! After all… hope your neck will be ok. And the Schoolhouse light looks really nice, it's my favorite.

  4. The smokebell is really pretty, but I'm wondering if it's too "fancy" for a laundry room? I just put a schoolhouse light in our butler's pantry and am very happy with it.

  5. I actually have a schoolhouse light in my laundry room, and I like it. My vote is for the schoolhouse light. The other fixtures are pretty, but I can see them more in a foyer or dining room. By the way, the ceiling looks outstanding.

  6. I don't think you can go wrong with which ever one you choose. My pick is the schoolhouse light….can't wait to see which one you choose :o)~Des

  7. Love, love, love the ceiling! I'm a huge fan of schoolhouse fixtures, so that is my pick for your room. I had 2 in our previous home and currently have one in the nursery. They are classic and easy on the pocketbook!

  8. I love the Bell, I think it would be most interesting, something a little more unexpected. The schoolhouse light is so classic, but I'm thinking may get lost in all the white. Can't wait to see your pick!

  9. YOu definitely need a new light. I like any of your choices. Anything would be an improvement right 😉

  10. Just wanted to say hi! I found you through Serenity Now. The ceiling looks amazing! Beadboard anything is a lifelong goal of mine! 🙂

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