Irises in Bloom

I had to grab my camera this morning to capture the beauty of my irises in full bloom!

Purple Irises in bloom

Yes, I’m finally learning to use the new camera I bought last year!!

Purple Iris

Purple perfection.

Purple Irises in bloom

I truly love this time of year.

Purple Irises in bloom - love this time of year!

The next two photos were taken yesterday afternoon with my point and shoot camera.

Purple Irises in my flower garden

Obviously, the lighting was better in the first four pictures from this morning but I think the higher quality camera also had something to do with it!

Purple Irises

If only with these flowers would stick around a little longer!

We have about 2 weeks to enjoy them each year!

Irises in Bloom

Either way, I am savoring every moment of them on this beautiful first day of June!

How are you spending your first day of June?


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  1. What gorgeous photographs from both cameras. Your irises are stunning against all that lush green landscape.

  2. Your irises are stunning, as are the pictures with your new camera. My irises just started blooming yesterday and you are right…they will be gone too fast. Happy June!

  3. Great shots with your new camera. Love the Iris, ours aren't doing so well this year. I believe I need to thin them a bit, they are so pretty.Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…Blessings,Cindy

  4. So beautiful, your irises and the way you captured their beauty. Love to see first thing in the morning, thanks!

  5. Your irises are gorgeous! Love the color of them, and love the huge collection, making a real impact on the landscape!

  6. You are so lucky to have your own irises! I just posted about the iris gardens in Montclair and then I saw your post.Your irises are so lovely! Nice shots with your new camera.

  7. Gorgeous! I love Iris also. They were one of my sweet mothers favorite flowers. Because of that they hold a special place in my heart. I have some that are starts from her garden. Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

  8. Hi Shelly,Your photographs are beautiful!Since I was a little girl I have always looked forwardto this time of year. The Iris are one of my favoriteflowers (along with lilacs), and they have alwaysbloomed around Memorial Day.When I was small, my parents had lots of irisin many colors. Wish I had their garden today.Bear Hugs,Carolyn

  9. Just gorgeous! We missed our iris blooms. We were gone for two weeks and only one bloom was left when we got home last night. Of course, we only have a few plants. I would love to have a swath of them like you have!

  10. Your irises are absolutely gorgeous! I love the way planting in masses really makes a statement!

  11. Beautiful! Are these naturalized and spreading on their own? I love the look of the swath of purple.Just saw that this post was from June 1. It's interesting to me to see when things bloom in different regions. Here in the Dallas area ours are just finishing their bloom cycle. That's a pretty big difference in the schedule. We used to live near Oklahoma City and we were always about 6 weeks behind what was happening here in Dallas. So glad you shared this at the garden party. 🙂

  12. Oh we must talk Iris. I have them too but they sure do not look like this. I am very curious as to what type of soil you have. Also what type are these? They look like bearded iris but maybe smaller blooms? They are a showstopper for sure and you definitely have a green thumb for them. I love that you have beds. I know what you mean about short lived but you have captured them beautifully now with your camera to enjoy forever more. Great shots!

  13. Truly purple perfection! Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party. Your garden is completely enchanting!

  14. They are stunning! I can't believe how large your plot is. I have a small amount of them and love them. They are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.hugs,Jann

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