Can you believe 2014 is half over?

Since I am obsessed with lists and like to keep track of everything, I thought I would take a look back at my 2014 goals again and see what I have accomplished.  I did a post like this in February – (How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?) and at that point I had accomplished a handful of things.

Here is my original list – 2014 Goals.

And here is where I am at this point:

Kitchen – umm…still adding pins to My Kitchen Board – Pinterest.  And actually, we have met with one kitchen designer and one architect…but now we are stalling…

The Kid’s Bathroom, Laundry Room and Office – nothing new in there…

Getting Rid of Stuff – Actually, I could practically win an award for this one!  I have donated, thrown out, cleaned up SO many things.  I am not finished yet but definitely rolling along!

Blogging – Still using Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  I am still learning things all the time and even wrote a Blogging Tip post recently…(It’s like I really know what I am talking about!)  I will also be reviewing a product in the next week!

Exercise – Believe it or not, I have been slowly accomplishing this goal thanks to my darling doggie.  Rosie had a check up recently and the vet told me she was 70 pounds but should be 63-65 pounds.  Well, besides cutting back on treats, I have been walking her EVERY day.  We have an invisible fence so I hadn’t been in a regular routine with walking because I figured she runs around the yard all the time.  Apparently that exercise was not enough so every morning we walk around the neighborhood.  We only do about a mile but sometimes in the evenings we walk an additional mile.  I know that’s no big deal to all you regular exercisers out there but I had really slacked off for awhile!  But I am back on track!  In addition to the walking, I have been bike riding with the kids on a regular basis.  And if you count the one ski trip I took back in March…I am an exercising machine! – LOL!

Speaking of trips, one of my goals was (and always is) travel!  We managed to fit in a few trips over the last couple of months!  In March we went skiing in Killington Vermont. – Vermont Ski Weekend.  In April we took a family trip to Baltimore –  Family Trip Baltimore Inner Harbor, over Memorial Day Weekend we spent some time at the Jersey Shore – Recent Happenings and just last weekend the kids and I spent time at my sister’s rental house in Long Beach Island, NJ.  (I guess I should post about that one of these days!)  Here’s a preview of some water sliding fun…

Family Time – With all the trips, outdoor activities and pool time, the family bonding time is going strong.

I love summer….

Have you taken a look back at any of your goals for 2014?


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  1. Oh wow, I would say you are an exercising machine too. Good for you . You've done pretty good with your goals, and all the trips are fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. That's the beauty of having a dog – who needs the gym?! It is amazing how fast 2014 has gone; we'll be making that turn toward Christmas before you know it. But, I think I will try to slow it down a bit this month if possible. Jane

  3. I don't even remember what my goals were. Seriously! Glad you are doing well on yours. If you're ever in B'more again, let's do lunch.

  4. Hi Shelley! Thank you so much for stopping by and always being so supportive. I had to stop by and see how your summer was going and I really like this post. The idea of slowing down and taking stock of your goals. I can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen, I'm so impatient to get into my next house and start making changes. And Rosie looks SOOOO sweet. I love her face, we're such dog people in our house, although our 'baby' is a German Shepherd. I bet you have some fun plans for the 4th of july with the boys. I miss those days when my boys got all bug-eyed with excitement about fireworks. My youngest will be gone, on his way to be a camp counselor again and my eldest is in Tahoe for the 4th with his college buddies (giving me more gray hairs that need to be colored)happy 4th!!xoLeslie

  5. Thanks for the beautiful kitchen photos. They are inspiring! DH and I are in the planning stages of redoing our galley kitchen and all those questions of color choice, cabinet style, etc. are boggling our minds.exclusive-kitchen

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