Flowers Around the Yard – My Landscaping Tour

Today, it’s pouring down rain in New Jersey.  Yes, it’s that kind of rain where you run through the parking lot in flip flops and manage to step in every puddle…because the parking lot is one big puddle!  Then you walk around in the grocery store with that sloshing sound following you everywhere…And you can hear the rain pounding down on the roof like it might crash through…..Yeah, you get the idea….a lot of rain today!

Anyway, what better day then to whip out some pictures of some lovely flowers around my yard!

Let’s start with these beauties from my rose bushes.

I know, it’s shocking that someone with no green thumb whatsoever could possibly grow beautiful roses like these.  Well, don’t be too impressed.  The rose bushes did not do very well this year and I already told our landscaper to rip the things out next time he stops by.  So sad, because I have had the bushes for about 14 years.  Actually, the first bush (pink) was a gift from my mom in celebration of our one year wedding anniversary.  Those roses are similar to the ones I carried down the aisle in my bridal bouquet.  Oh great, now I am all sad about the whole idea of ripping the bushes out now.  Maybe I can some how salvage that one…

Anyway, speaking of my not-so-green thumb…my irises didn’t look very great this year…

I really have to blame the rain in this case. I normally don’t even touch the irises and they bloom beautifully each year.  This year it rained practically every other day.  Such a shame because some years they look incredible!

Here are some white flowers that have done well.  Sorry, but I don’t remember what kind they are!

The river birch is doing great…hence the name – “River Birch.”  Apparently, they love the rain!

Here is the only shot I took of my lilac bush.

Those flowers are long gone now.

Then there is the lavender…

Actually, I worked hard at the beginning of the season to cut these back and weed around them.  I am not sure if it was luck or my gardening “skills”,but I was thrilled with how these bloomed this year!

I love how they welcome you to the front entrance.

On my back deck…

I bought this flowering vine annual.  Sorry, but I don’t remember the name but it blooms all the time and loves the sun.  I bought it at Home Depot and will get more next year.  I don’t think even I could kill this one!

Here is a shot I just took in the rain.

As you can see, it’s blooming all over the place!

And then I had to throw this one in…

Here is Rosie in all her puppy cuteness posing in front of the purple salvia last year.  It’s the only picture I have of the salvia plus I am sure you miss seeing her sweet face!  Yeah, I am such a dog mommy…

But I’ll tell you, I am not loving that wet doggie smell today!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my flower/garden tour!

What do you have in your yard this year?

Did you get a ton of rain this year?

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  1. Your flowers look beautiful as does your yard. Those roses are gorgeous! And Rosie? She is just So incredibly sweet! but I agree, wet dog smell is rotten.. LOL

    1. oops forgot to tell you, YES we've had a TON of rain here in the South this year. We've had more flooding this year than I can ever remember having in the 11 yrs I've been living here..

  2. Good Morning Shelley, Thank you so much for visiting Ivy, Phyllis and Me! and for leaving such lovely comments, it was very kind of you.I love the theme of your blog, a little calypso makes us all smile and think of warm sunny days. You mention that you do not have green fingers, well I have to say, I think you have, as your garden is beautiful. I was wondering if a little pruning might help to save the pink rose, the one which your mother gave you for your 1st wedding anniversary, it seems a shame to dig it up as it holds such lovely memories for you.I look forward to getting to know you,Best Wishes from a sunny England,Daphne

  3. Hi Shelley!Your garden views are so pretty!My flowers are all in a weird state this year.Not sure if it is due to all the rain we got in May and then it got cold in June — I think the perennials are just as confused as I am with the odd spring/summer we have had!Your lavender is stunning. I have not had any luck growing it here, but our last house was so close to the lake that the soil was very sandy and it thrived there.Love the look and the SMELL!Rosie is such a doll!Kiss her for me, would you?:)xoxAlison

  4. Oh how pretty your garden looks, so green and lush! I love how the lavender is surrounding the patio area, must be wonderful to sit and smell the heavenly fragrance of lavender:)And that field of pretty white flowers looks stunning:) Sweet Rosie seems to be enjoying the summer garden as well:) Thanks for visiting me! Hugs,Poppy

  5. These are pretty pics, Shelley! It's too bad your roses got ruined. Perhaps you can salvage some of them so that they could still live on. Perhaps your landscaper can tell you if they're still okay? These plants might just be having a bad year, so it's a good idea to ask them first.Melva Ullman @

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