Fall Front Porch – Embracing the Colors of the Season!

Although we don’t use our front door very often, I love to decorate my entrance for each season.  If you’re looking for outdoor decorating ideas, come take a look at my colorful fall front porch!

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This fall, I added a ton of color to my front porch!

Fall Front Porch with Pumpkins and Rain Boots

Most likely, the plaid boots and sunflowers will only stay out there temporarily.  Obviously, it’s not realistic to keep them out since my crazy golden retriever runs around stealing things all the time.  Plus, the boots will get all wet inside with the upcoming weekend forecast…ugh…I guess I will be wearing them instead!

Plaid Boots on Fall Front Porch

Each year, I really don’t have a concrete plan when I decorate my front porch.

Basically, my porch decorating all depends on what I find at the garden center… or if I get inspired when I’m shopping.

In fact, I had planned to use a wheat wreath and some lanterns…but then that never happened.

Mums in black urn for fall

The black urns are one of my favorite purchases because they work well in every season.

Fall Wreath on black door

This year, I couldn’t find a wheat wreath I liked (for a good price) and I didn’t have time to make one myself,.

Instead,  I chose a wreath purchased on sale at the end of the season last year.  I love the bright pop of color against the black door!

And speaking of color…

Yellow mums for fall

This year, I took a chance with my not-so-green-thumb and bought some mums that hadn’t fully bloomed.

If all goes well, (and I don’t kill them), the mums will slowly bloom during the month of October. 

Ideally, they will be big and colorful for Halloween!

Fall Decorating Ideas for Front Porch

As they bloom, the yellow flowers are really starting to stand out – especially in the black urns.

Hopefully, the weather will stay chilly for the next few weeks so the pumpkins don’t rot and the mums don’t droop.  Also, I have to keep the deer away from my mums.  Crazy country living…

And although the boots were fun to add for pictures, this is how my porch really looks everyday…

Fall Front Door and Porch

Happy Fall to you!

Fall Front Entrance

Fall Front Porch Shopping Sources:

Have you decorated your front entrance for fall yet?

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Colorful Fall Porch Decor


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  1. So beautiful!!!! I love the little boots and have always wanted to add them to my porch too. However due to the wind we have my porch just has pumpkins. I know….so boring! LOL~Des

  2. Looks so lovely! Those boots look darling! You've done a great job and the mums are really pretty.Be a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  3. Looks great, Shelley! Love the boots, even if they are just for the picture 😉 I hope your mums do well this year. Mine are already a bit dried out. I am sure the rain will help.

  4. G'day and thanks for sharing at our #SayGdayParty LOVE the boots!Please make sure to revisit and Say G'day to the hosts and people at the party if you haven't already!Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List

  5. Your porch is so pretty! I love it when the color comes from mums and pumpkins. :)My mums are just now starting to bloom.

  6. Oh, Shelley, I think your front porch is so pretty — with or without the cute boots! The mums are gorgeous. I'm hoping our Costco has gotten in more of their nice big mums, so I can get a couple this week. They had them a few weeks ago when it was still way too hot. No deer around here, just geckos, roadrunners & the occasional coyote!

  7. Love your front presentation! The boots are a cute addition even if temporary! The yellow mums look fabulous in those planters -just keep them watered and they'll do great! I think the wreath looks great- the combo with the orange pumpkins and yellow mums makes for a very eye catching look!

  8. I love your front door area all decked out for Fall! It's classic and colorful. I don't know if you'll ever find a wheat wreath that is affordable. Wheat is expensive! I happen to have some leftover from years ago, thankfully. I went to buy some more, but then changed my mind when I saw how expensive it was for a tiny bunch. Maybe faux wheat would hold up better outside anyway.

  9. Very beautiful decoration, love the symmetry and the bright colors. Looks so warm. Steam Carpet cleaning Enfield

  10. The boots are so cute, but be glad you didn't leave them out there. I left a darling plaid pair out on my porch last Christmas and they got sun faded. I wore them now and then and now I can't. I'll probably spray paint them and reuse them. The yellow Mums really do pop against the black urns, beautiful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

  11. Looks awesome – love the boots! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,Kathy

  12. So so pretty! I have an opening next Tuesday on the Fall Porches Tour if you would like to join. Just email or IG me asap if you are interested.
    Happy fall!
    Follow The Yellow Brick Home

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