Island Shopping in Grand Cayman

Last week I babbled on about all my vacation adventures

and dining experiences on the island of Grand Cayman.

Today, I will show you where I shopped 

in the precious few minutes I could tear myself away
from all the family activities.

On our last trip to Grand Cayman,
most stores were scattered up the main street in West Bay

where many of the hotels and condos are located.  

Since then, the newer “town” of  Camana Bay has become the place to shop.  

Many large financial companies have office locations in Grand Cayman.

Camana Bay has emerged
as a place to work, live and shop for those residents

and a place to shop for the vacationers who spill over from the resorts.

A collection of upscale stores and unique restaurants

 line the outdoor courtyards.

Camana Bay List of Stores

I was excited to check out the Island Company store!

source – Island Company

They carry some of the most adorable island prints.

In fact, I am thrilled that they have an online store so I can still buy something!

Camana Bay even has a Lilly Pulitzer store!

You can read about that here…

Lilly Pulitzer Blog – Store of the Week – The Cabana

I wish I could tell you I purchased bag fulls of fun island merchandise, but I did not.  I spent most of my time in Camana Bay strolling around and browsing.  We did have lunch with the kids there one day, but with them scurrying all over, I could not concentrate on shopping!

On the cloudy day we drove to Rum Point, we drove through the capital and port town of George Town.  George Town is filled with duty free shops that cater to the cruise ship crowd.  I had planned on going back there for some shopping but never got around to it on this trip.

The town is usually packed with tourists and has a different vibe from the rest of the island.  More of a desperate – I have to see everything and buy everything quickly!  Not that I have anything against cruises.  I have never taken a cruise myself, but I find most ports to have that rushed feeling.  Even the island people seem to have more of a “shpeal” there yet seem more relaxed on the rest of the island.  Just my observation.

George Town even has its fair share of theme and commercialized restaurants.  I guess they don’t want the tourists to feel too far from home!  In previous years, when we eat in George Town, we have lunch at Guy Harvey’s Restaurant which is excellent!  But enough about restaurants, we are talking shopping today!

I had planned on buying some local artwork while I was on vacation

but I had THE hardest time finding anything.

On previous trips to Grand Cayman,

there seemed to be an abundance of art galleries.

I don’t know where they went…maybe I imagined them.

I had planned on shopping at the
Kennedy Gallery – Cayman
for artwork but I arrived at closing time on a Thursday and
unfortunately, the sign on the door stated
they would be closed Good Friday through Easter Monday!
Such a shame because I was prepared to spend thousands of dollars…lol.

Anyway, the shopping was still fun – of course!
I always love exploring new stores and locations.

Here is a website listing the shopping locations in Grand Cayman.
Cayman Activity Guide – Shopping
I probably should have perused the list before my trip,
(although I am not sure how updated it is!)

What have you purchased
on an island vacation?

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  1. I have never been to Grand Cayman…just heard so many people who have been there that they just loved it….so glad that you had great shopping and restaurant experiences in that great island paradise!!…

  2. Perhaps you'd like to link to "Oh, the PLACES I've been!"? The link goes up at 7 pm EST Thursday evenings.- The Tablescaper

  3. First my wife read your post and then I. I have no option now other than to go to Cayman this summer break. But I want to say I also like shopping….surprised? If shopping is affordable and in a place where the beauty of nature is at its best why not we will go there. We are looking for a Cayman Guide to more shopping places.

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