New Plantation Shutters

After months of waiting and after 2 installation appointments cancelled due to snowstorms…my plantation shutters have arrived!

 I took these pictures last night.

I love how they make the room so much more finished!

Since I still haven’t mastered the “good camera”, here are some shots taken this morning with bad lighting.

 I ordered the bi-fold type so I could pull them to the sides.

Ok, so I know we all hate flashes but this was the only way to see what they look like during the day with all the outside glare.

At least I was able to take the night shots without a flash..

So they are here!  Hooray!

I will show you a full shot of the office once I straighten up my desk and replace a couple dead plants…ugh.

Anyway, that is my big news for the week!

Are you excited about any new purchases?


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  1. They were certainly worth the wait, Shelley! They look great. I love how they look pulled to the sides too. Great choice.

  2. Your new shutters are beautiful. The installation looks perfect, and I can't believe how well they fit up against the window molding. It feels so good to have something new that you took so much time choosing, ordering, waiting for, and that turns out so great. Enjoy!

  3. Looks fantastic Shelley! I wanted one in our bedroom before but the quote on me was 5K????! No way, looks good in your room. Where did you order it from? I got my quote from Lowes

  4. I love my shutters and need two more rooms done. I wish they weren't so darn expensive. You will love having those.

  5. Love those. I'm thinking of putting plantation shutters in our place in Florida. Your pictures assure me it's a great idea! They look wonderful.

  6. Oh, for the love of plantation shutters, especially white ones! We have them throughout our home, and I just love them. I love how wonderful they look from both the inside and outside. White plantation shutters are a good thing!

  7. Nice shutters, Shelley! Two months of waiting is definitely worth it, right? Anyway, I hope you’re not having any problems with your windows after the installation of the shutters. There are times when the windows are kinda cracked and damaged after the treatments. Hmm. Can you share some photos of your other windows? Thanks! :)Lynne Hollaran

  8. I’m sorry for the long wait, Shelley! I can only imagine how annoying it was to delay your shutter installation due to the harsh weather. Good thing you’ve got good looking shutters that made the wait worth it. I hope you’ll be able to take good care of those shutters for a long time. How are you now? :)Greg Arnett

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