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Decorate Your Kids Rooms for Christmas – Simple Ideas to Make Them Happy

Yesterday, I took you on a tour of my Christmas Kitchen.  Sure, it would be logical to either show you the adjoining family room next or even start at the front door.  But apparently, I am not very logical… Instead, we are heading upstairs to the rooms that I decorated first this holiday season…my boys’…

Map Update

The other day I told you about the map I bought for my son’s room. See The New Map. At that time, I was undecided whether the new map would go over the dresser or the desk. Thank you to all who gave their opinions. The 8 year old decided he liked it over his…

The New Map

My son’s room went through a bit of a transformation recently as shown here…My Son’s Room – Before and After When I posted the change, I still needed to add some wall art and accessories.  He wanted a US map… Well, the new map arrived today! As you can see, I didn’t hang it yet….