What is Missing in My Office?

I knew it was only a matter of time…

 Notice anything missing?…

Here is a hint for you…

And another…

 Yeah, I used to have plants in there…

When I made my list of Goals for 2014,

I didn’t bother saying I wanted to take better care of my plants.

I knew better than to set myself up for an epic fail…

(This picture was taken when on of the palms was new.)

For the past few weeks, the palms in my office weren’t doing very well.  Not surprising, because I basically kill every plant I own.  I tried cutting back the dying leaves a few times and then yesterday morning I took a closer look.

Spider mites.

Have you ever had to deal with those nasty things?

Not fun.

I had them on a palm many years ago and went through weeks of spraying and wiping leaves until one day I just threw in the towel and threw out the plant.

This time I knew better.  These palms cost me $7.00 a piece on sale at Lowe’s so I wasn’t about to invest any time in de-miting them….

Goodbye pretty palms.

Thanks for making my office look tropical for a short time.

And it really doesn’t feel tropical with this outside!

Here is the view this morning.

In fact, this view is becoming common around here.

I think we got about a foot of snow yesterday.

I guess we should have covered the deck furniture…

 Well, someone is having fun today!

But even Rosie didn’t want to stay out too long

 in the 3 degree temperatures!

So back to the office…

Now I just have to figure out what to put in these empty spaces.

Any suggestions?

My office feels naked now.

Have you ever dealt with spider mites?

Can you keep plants alive?
Will this winter ever be over?…

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  1. You can get a bottle (spray) of insecticide soap, that usually gets rid of them or if you google it you can make your own with soap/water!Or get silk ones…We got a foot of snow too in PA, so sick of it this winter!!Have a good day!Vicki

  2. Shelley, while I didn't have spider mites, I could not keep a palm alive!! I have had great luck with two dracaenas – I've had one for over a decade, which is crazy for me. I wrote a post about some hard to kill plants last year – try one of these! Good luck :)http://www.shineyourlightblog.com/2013/05/keeping-house-plants-alive.html

  3. Our office plant lady said to place it in a large trash bag and spray it with a soapy water every week for a few weeks. Your snow looks both beautiful and scary.

  4. I always kill palms. Get you a fiddle leaf fig. Mine have gone bonkers. I got mine at Home Depot for $10. They start out small and grow quickly or you can pay more for a larger one.

  5. My poor garden is topiaries have it too!! i am trying desperately to save them, but i think they too will pass on! Slap some art on the wall until you get plants! K

  6. So sorry! I'm trying hard to keep my Fiddle Leaf Fig going! So funny, your photo of the deck reminded me of our local weatherman – not long ago on air he said, people stop sending me pictures of your patio furniture with snow on them, there's nothing pretty about that! I get it though, it's a great way to measure! 🙂

  7. I have a black thumb too! I agree with everyone else – try a Fiddle Leaf fig. I've had mine for over a year and it's still going strong, which is a big accomplishment for me 🙂 I use a free app called Koubachi that sends me alerts when it's time to water each of my plants – it's helped so much!

  8. Are you opposed to "faux?" They make such lovely ones these days and it's hard to tell, especially in something like a palm — they kind of don't look real anyway. If you go for the real thing, my best suggestion would be to invest in a water meter. They aren't expensive, readily available at Lowes or Home Depot, and are well worth it. Most of the time it is over-watering that kills plants.

  9. Palms are trouble for everyone. A set of tall woven baskets, both different heights, for one corner and a Fiddle Leaf Fig for the other?

  10. Spider mites are the Worst! I also get something that makes every leaf seem like they are sap covered. The leaves die and fall and STICK to the carpet!I have two palmetto plants in urns in my living room. They were from Target over ten years ago when we moved in and as long as they stay far away from the ficus trees in the room, they stay healthy. They were maybe $10 each and I am shocked they are still alive!I water every other Saturday but they do get a lot of light.I pray spring is coming soon. I am very tired of the COLD here in ChiBeria!!!Stay warm. Loved seeing Rosie. OMG she is so doggone cute.:)xoxAlison

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